Good Nutrients For Vegging And Flowering Outdoors

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    I think I would hit it with some nutrients. Give it a high boost of nitrogen to keep it green and healthy. Nitrogen is in big demand at the start of flowering. Some plant eat more than others so they need a bit extra. Giving them Nitrogen would not hurt and should fix your issues. How dry does you soil get with watering once a week? I water almost daily but mine are 7 ft monsters. You might be starving your girls.
  2. ok well I will keep updated just let me know if any pics are needed I can get them u asap, thanks
  3. well it doesn't get to dry because they are closely together and a lot of shade, I know that's not good but I only have so much room to work with and I need a plentiful harvest. but in the pic how the yellow leaf was droopy. just now I looked and it is not drooping but it is dark but from what I can tell it seems to be holding up. I think it may have been a little overwatered but I will get some nitrogen and use a little here and there
  4. Unless your soil has poor drainage I don't see how it can be from over watering when you only water once a week.
  5. well the ground here is more like sand, I put soil in it to but it does get flooded and stays wet for a few days. I think it was overwatered because you said it droops and that leaf was drooping pretty bad and now I looked at it tonight and its standing but I will update tomarrow morning where I can see better. I do get your point at once a week watering theres no way it can be overwatered but these plants are pretty crammed and theres like no sunshine getting to the actual ground in between the plants so the ground is wet even longer. but like I said I will update with a pic tomarrow morning and probably end up getting some more age old with the nitrogen and feed them around sunday and lay off the water and see how things go.
  6. Drooping can be caused by under watering and overwatering. I`ve noticed with plants in a pot that when they droop from under watering thet tent to start dropping at the top first then work its way down. Soils that are real sandy or have a lot of clay in it have poor drainage. Also some plants will show droopy leaves at might and perk back up during the day. Next year I would look into getting a bunch of better soil and mixing up your own organic soil mix.
  7. yea all these plants are in the ground and there isn't really clay just sand but it gets hard when its compact and dry but relatively easy to break. I did use organic soil but didn't mix it with the sand just dug a hole and poured it in around the plant. this soil didn't have any nutes in it that's why I was looking for a good line of nutes. found the age old and it works good. then I ran out the nitrogen and ran into these problems but I will be picking up more soon and hope it all turns out ok
  8. CAM00118.jpg under watering or over watering? CAM00121.jpg same plant, under or over watered? CAM00122.jpg same plant but the top, no yellowing or anything bad here. IMG_20130822_084136.jpg now this is a different plant, reddish purpleing stem? isn't that nitro deficiency?............ IMG_20130822_084234.jpg and here we have the yellowing tips of a different plant as well, I think this was ruled out to be P or K deficiency? maybe normal?
  9. or am I just worrying over nothing?
  10. Purple stripes on a stem can be either a genetic trait or a calcium/magnesium deficiency. As for yellowing tips that's usualy commonly associated with nutrient burn and is a good sign to some as it means your plant is getting plenty of food.
  12. If its just a few leaves that are drooping I wouldn't worry about it to much now if it was a lot then theres a problem. As for the one plant that has a fain purple spot on the stem just give it some calmag or dolomite limestone. peletised dolomite limestone takes about a month to break down and powdered dolomite limestone takes about 2 weeks to really start working. The purple spot doesn't look bad but if it gets worse then I would address the deficiency. I`ve seen fast acting dolomite limestone in stores before but its chemical based and if doing an organic grow then I would find something else.
  13. Keep an eye on the leaf tips if they stay yellow then I don't think its nute burn but could be beginning stage of nitrogen deficiency also, just remembered that. If it was nute burn it would be a lot of leaf tips that turn yellow and then brown.
  14. yea its not bad with the purple and only two fan leaves are drooping and every other leaf has yellow tips but I want to be cautious so im soaking up info before it gets out of control.
  15. leafs are turning all the way yellow now so im gonna go get some nitrogen and also I have noticed som little white specs on the leaves. I was watching a video on youtube and it described a lot of nutrient deficiencies. what are some good trace element combinations I could pick up?     heres the link to the video if you want to check it out
  16. Earthworm castings, kelp and alfalfa meal are good, maybe some Epsom salt.
  17. I was talking to a hydro store about the fritted trace elementsand he has a few different brands of liquids and powders what would be bbetter and he also had some some stuff called azetemite or something he said was good but iI would rather get a full solutiin than all different things.
  18. Azomite is what is
  19. Eeek!

  20. Sounds like you're having issues. Do yourself the biggest favor you could do for yourself and read this thread and apply it to your garden instead of battling your way through this bottle and that bottle and this deficiency and that pH fluctuation...

    Start talking to some of the organic gardeners around these halls, listen to them, take their advice, work on constructing a basic soil mix and your problems will be over. Next year you will be able to simply keep your soil moist with clear water and perhaps the ocassional simple tea.

    No more worrying.


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