Good Nutrients For Vegging And Flowering Outdoors

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  1. what are some good nutrients for vegging and flowering my clones outdoors?

  2. What do you have access to for local stores and or any grow shops near you?
  3. Pure blend pure is a good line of nutes.
    It is only 2 part instead of 3 and it is really hard to burn your plants with it.
  4. I tried there veg formula in coco and wouldn't use it again. Not only did my plants have nutrient deficiencies being fed at full strength but I didn't like how much that stuff is watered down.
  5. [SUB]i have home depot, orchard supply and a few different hydroponics stores and a nursery. i can purchase off line as well but i would like a simple line like for vegging the micro nutrient and the flowering nutrients. nothing very powerful but something to use every other week when the plants seem to not be growing.[/SUB]
  6. i have home depot, orchard supply, a few different hydro stores and a nursery. i can buy offline as well but i want a good line of nutrients like for vegging the micro nutrients and for flowering. i had some hydroponics brand nutrients but it was a sample an it seemed to work good. iv also got right now some blood meal but i thinks it a little to high in Nitrogen so if you have anything to blend the blood meal with please let me know what would be best
  7. Your average nutrient you use like every first or third watering. Then there are a few nutrient line ups that you use once a week those tend to be stronger and can burn plants easier if you don't follow the directions carefully. As for a nutrient that you use every 2 weeks I probably wouldn't go with, feeding a plant every 2 weeks to me would lead to deficiencies and slow growth. If you have some hydro stores near you then I would skip what you can get at Home Depot or Orchard. Hydro stores will have nutes more geared towards growing pot then your local hardware/nursery store. Right now I`m using the Floranova brand nutes its a 1 part nutrient for veg and 1 part for flowering. It is strong stuff that you only need to use once a week and I made the mistake of giving my plants 2 full dose feedings in one week, most handled it just fine but one did get a pretty good case of nutrient burn. Some plants can handle a lot of nutes and some can be more sensitive even when their the same strain. Advanced Nutrients, Fox Farms, General Hydroponcs Floranava series and some other brands are good. If you want to go with organic nutes then your going to need a good organic soil base to go along with it so it has beneficial microbes to break down the nutes so the plant can absorb them. Chemical based nutrients aren't dependent upon benefical microbes in the soil for the plant to absorb the nutes. if you use chemical based nutes in an organic soil it will start to kill off the benefical microbes in the soil so switching to an organic nute line up later on can lead to plant deficiencies. Advanced Nutrients is good for beginner all the way upto advanced growers, Fox Farms is also good stuff for beginners.
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    Ammendments like blood meal and bone meal can be used as a top dress to help with deficiencies or in a benefical weekly tea feeding for an extra boost or in an organic soil base that you mix up and let cook for 30 days before use. When used as a top dress it doesn't take much at all to be effective. Another thing that is good for plants is unsulphered molasses but that is more effective in organic grows or in teas. For chemical based grows there are alternative products that add sugars and other stuff that organic grows get from unsuplhered molasses.
  9. so go get me some bone meal since i already have blood meal and mix a little of both together in water and let it set in sun for a while to a few days and it will help? instead of getting all these confusing mixes? and maybe get some fish&guano mix?
  10. Its a little different then making sun tea. It involves using an air pump, air line and air stones to aerate the water for 24 hours or so and you only do it like once a week, its more of an advanced growing technique and if you get it wrong and make it to strong you can do a lot of damage real fast. Some hydro stores even sell benefical teas but I would wait on that until you have some experience and a better understanding of them and how they work. Are your plants in pots or the ground? Advanced Nutrients is easy to use even for beginners its a little pricey but it simple and really good stuff. It comes as a 2 part base nute and is simple to mix with a gallon of water. If your outdoors in the ground I would look at a good organic base nute so you don't have to work about mantaining the PH as much as compared to chemical based nutes. Plants are more dependent on PH when using chemical based nutes. If the PH is to high certain nutes will get locked out and vice versa when its to low causing nutrient deficiencies.
  11. Not saying these are the best, but its what i'm using :)

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  12. yea some are in the ground and some are in gallon pots going into 5 gallon pots but give me the link to the advanced nutrients line to where I can purchase it from
  13. amazon has a 3part 1 liter package for about 40$ with shipping would it be a good investment its the grow, micro and bloom soulutions​
  14. check out these links to a few different lines of different nutrients and let me know which one is best if you will.


  15. or this
  16. Make friends with the local Hydroponics store.. See how good a price they'll do on Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil .. I'm paying 12 bucks a 1.5 cubic foot bag.. the FF line of ferts have done fine for me.. grow big in veg and bloom big in flower.. Haven't tried the tiger bloom yet but thinking I'll get some next trip..
    Give your girls the best start you can.. a minimum 12x12x12 inch hole in the ground full of FFOF.. go bigger if you can..
    FFOF is his top seller.. he keeps it closest to the door and moves a 6 ft tall pallet of it every week..
  17. I was chatting with another grower here who was in New York and he said there Ocean Forest goes for over $20.00 a 1.5cf bag. In CA $12.00 is about the going rate for it. The organic nutes in Ocean Forest are only good for about 30 days depending on how often you need to water.
  18. The ones in the ground already have some beneficial microbes in the earth and you could go with an organic soil however in a pot depending on what type of soil you have would help determine what nutes would be best. A 5 gallon pot is the minimum recommended for growing outdoors. Where are you located? That would help in finding what you have for hydro shops near you. I live in Sacramento area and we have a grow shop about every 5 miles. If you can buy them localy you can get them quite a bit cheaper then having to order them online. Outdoors we grow in the ground and use Age Old nutrients, its got a strong NPK base number so don't need to add much else to it other then supplementing the plant with Calmag since most base nutes lack Calmag. We also add a product called Protekt which add silicon to the plants and is supposed to help the plants build stronger cell walls making them more resistant to heat stress and bugs. If using chemical based nute you need to control the PH of the soil and that's when you need a cheap digital PH meter, some calibration solution and some PH Up & Down buffer solutions. Outdoors we prefer to use organic nutes because its cheaper especialy considering how much we go through compared to indoors. Indoor grows we use chemical based nutes so we can get as much end product as we can because for what it costs we want the most potent shit possible. To find local hydro shops that sale like Advanced Nutrients or Fox farms just do a google search for Advanced Nutrients or Fox Farm and it will lead you to their websites and there you can click on a tab that will show you local stores that sell their products.
  19. im actualy not even far from sac. down here in manteca i have been growing in this same ground area for three years about 25 ft long 5 ft wide and i would think the nutrientsbin the ground are about fone but maybe the roots and past nutrientsbused are still there but i dug about a foot deep and a foot wide and stuck organic soil in the hole with the plants not even a month ago. i have used some of the blood meal but it did burn a little and i got worried so im not going to fertilize for a month or so it would damage the plants wouldnt you think? and the ones in the gallon pots are not so lush any more because iv been checking and they are getting root bound so shouldnt i try some potting bags? and would it be cheaper than pots?
  20. I would look into tan grow bags, I just picked up a 100 gallon one for $25.00 and their reusable. They also help prevent root bound issues. The black grow bags are more common but I read that the tan ones stay about 10 degrees cooler. I haven't tried it yet but Lowes and Home Depot carry Kelloggs Patio Plus organic soil and its OMRI listed at about $5.00 or so for a 1.5 cubic foot bag. We got good natural dirt here and we just re-amend it each year with some horse manure compost, blood meal, bone meal and dolomite limestone. With the blood and bone meal it doesn't take much at all. Our holes are like 2 feet across and 3-4 feet deep and we just add like 1 or 2 tablespoons per hole when mixing in the compost, soil and dirt mix. We get our compost from the Lincoln dump its made from yard clippings and other yard waste stuff and is all organic, the horse shit we get from friends with horses not far from us that has sat around for about a year. Usualy when mixing up organic soils with ammendments you want to get it all mixed up 30 days before you plant. We got our compost pile mixed up just need to add dirt then fill the holes in around the plants. What kind of nutes did you use last year? How many plants are you doing in the ground and in pots? when we by Age Old nutrients for outdoor grows we buy it in 2 1/2 gallon jugs of it and go through not quite 2 of them during veg and 1 during flowering at about $75.00 each for 2 1/2 gallon jugs but we do like 21 plants.

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