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  1. I have grown 3 different types of weed, 1 bag seed, 1 afgan kush seeds from world of seeds, and once with lowryderx NYC diesel. I had some trouble with water rot. All plants were grown DWC. I am looking for suggestions to a good strain for novices, that is easy to grow and resistant to diseases and users errors. I have read a good bit and come up with Northern Lights or White Widow. Does anyone have any good suggestions, or maybe personally grown a strain that was good for novices.
  2. I hear Northern Lights as well is a good one to roll out for beginners. I may have to pickup some :)
  3. A hint for you if you are having trouble with root rot. Drop your water level down so only about an inch or two of the roots is actually in the water. This will help the biggest part of the root mass dry out a little, which will help prevent rot. Oh and Lowryder 2 is a fun, easy plant for a novice.
  4. Mostly the lack of oxygen (to the root) is the main cause of root rot.
    Is your air-pump pumping enough oxygen into your solution?
    The more oxygen you pump into the water/solution the better, there is no such thing as too much oxygen getting pumped into a DWC system, your only concern is noise.
    Make sure your rez/bucket is light proof. Light will kill roots and cause algae to grow.
    If it's not that, check the temperture in your water/solution. It is best kept between 60 and 70 degrees. Lower tempertures will cause slow growth, and higher will cause root rot as the heat in the solution will disolve the oxygen out of the water.
    And as mentioned before, check for algae or pathogens. To deal with that, apply H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) to your water/solution. H2O2 kill organic matter. And on that note, H2O2 will harm organic nutrients. I use Canna Aqua nutrients (inorganic) with H2O2, Best thing since sliced bread!
    Hope that helps.

  5. I know this is pretty old, but how did that Afgan Kush turn out?

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