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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Dr. Jekl, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. Jah hears a good qoute

    "After two years of doctor-and-patient testimony, the Drug Enforcement Agency's chief administrative law judge, Francis L. Young, ruled that 'marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man'."
    -Spliffs a celebration of cannabis culture
  2. duh. gov makes alot of money from it being illegal though
  3. i wasn't aware that anyone except the street dealers was making money as a result of prohibition.

    the US gov spends billions of dollars a year keeping cannabis users in prison.

    they're not making any money from keeping it illegal
  4. Someone in the government is making money somehow or else it'd be legal. The world revolves around money.
  5. The illegality of MJ has never been about the psychoactiveness of it. It's been about money and politics.

    It's not the gov't making money, it's large corporations and the individuals who run them.
    Think about how usefull hemp is. It can be used for EVERYTHING. It's way easy to grow. You can make clothes, oil, paper, and even fuel!

    Large established corporations see this as a threat to their business. Why a threat? Because anyone can grow it and grow it well. They will continue to lobby to keep the plant illegal. They can throw millions of dollars at politicians for "campaigns" to basicly buy their support. It's a wicked corrupted government in the US.

    Also, think about all the jobs that will be lost if MJ is made legal. Another issue that the head hanchos don't want to deal with.
  6. After prohibition ended the government was left with all sorts of unemployed law enforcement officials. Then along comes the war on drugs and another bureaucracy is formed.
  7. Interesting report...
    I think marijuanna will never be legal....
  8. They are not making money on it being illeagle, they would make more money on it being leagle because then they can make people buy a license for selling it.
  9. yeah, i agree that prohibition earns money, in the sense that it creates jobs for people.

    un-neccesary jobs though.

    having said that, the government would make a shit load of money by legalising it. say, a licence which you would have to buy in order to sell cannabis.

    but hell.. the government made money from fucking 9/11... what can i say... they're cunts.
  10. The gov is making plenty of money keeping pot illegal. Lobbist pour money into the government to keep it illegal - not to mention tobacco companies. Wasn't it the increase of tobacco manufacturing that influenced the illegalization of pot? The tobacco companies lobbies have such heavy influence. Back in the days of George Washington, pot was grown in most gardens. Hell if you take a tour of Washington's house at Mount Vernon, they'll show you his tobacco field and his marijuana field... Crazy cool.

    I do believe there is more money to be made by legalizing pot. Don't kid yourself to believe that it wouldn't be regulated by the government - just think of all the tax money they would glean... I don't think legalizing pot means the average joe could grow it. Liscening it would be much more strict than say, purchasing a gun. But if I could buy it in the open and the quality would no doubt be amazing - I wouldn't want to grow it. (but that's just my personal preference)
  11. I Did A Report On The Legalization Of Bud In America A While Back For School....crazy The Amount Of Money The Government Spends Just Arrestin Small Marijuana Possessions
  12. yeh, they definitely wouldn't spend nearly as much if it were legal. i'm almost certain the U.S. could be cleared of their debt if it were legal. just need to elect some some people who aren't as fuckheaded.

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