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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. Ouch my head hurts..... wher am I......... how did I get here............

    These are some of the questions i'm asking today after a little bit of a party last night. The wife wanted a christmas party for her coworkers so we hosted it last night at our house. I had to invite some of my friends from work to help round it out and I got a little too wasted. I'm still a little stoned this morning but a good ole bloddy mary will fix that. Everyone was dressed in nice clothes but me. Birkenstocks, ragged jeans hawaiian shirt and my new cowboy hat. One of my buddies saw me and said "Damn, it's going to be one of those parties Poppa!" Good thing his wife is pregnant and is a full time designated driver.

    But the thing that has got me pissed is all these wannabes hinting around me at the party. You know what a pothead wannabe is don't you? It's one of those people that say they don't smoke, anti-pot, etc.... blah.... but when some one pulls one out they are all over it. No thanks, no chipping in on the purchase, etc.. None of these people ever have pot, rolling papers, or would even help you roll one, but God do they love mooching off yours. And the worst part is, all these wannabes kept hinting about lighting up. Like it's not too bad to be a bum, but to come out and hint that I need to go smoke so they can mooch a toke. Someone will be telling a story that has pot in it and the winks come out.
  2. Woo well just keep bakin and you might not feel the pain from last nite!! :)

    I have encountered such "non-smokers," a friend of mine from college was a closet toker, but didn't want his friends to know because they were anti-weed. I supplied the weed, because we smoked together, then he got a lil one-hitter and kept asking for nugs here and there. I finally outed him to his friends, kinda, well we were smoking in his room and when they came in and asked about the smell I said "Yeah so what?! WE are smoking a BOWL here!!" It was great.
    Now I have a girl at work who keeps hinting "ahh I should come to your place after work" because after a few nights of barhopping I confided that I smoke. She never comes, and I don't know if she ever will but it's funny because you never would have guessed - she's one of those "born-rich-shops-at-bloomingdales-only" girls ;)

    I am glad you had a great party, Birkenstocks and all! Next time if I were you I'd just keep winking back and badger them "eh did YOU bring any pot? WHAT you didn't? ah man that's too bad..." heehee

  3. :) good advice.
  4. Thank you ladies for your support. I was feeling kinda moody yesterday and needed to vent about being mooched on all night. It seemed every time I mingled into a new group of people the subject of the discussion turned to pot and everyone gave me a look like "don't you want to go outside and light one, and maybe I'll go with you". Made me mad! I had already laid out enough liquer and food to supply half the US Navy, but that wasn't good enough for the moochers. Oh well, I stuck to my guns and didn't light up the whole night. No, I did smoke pre and post party but only with the Mrs.

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