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Good moods, bad moods, the time between toking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by infamousnugz, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. This is a common question that I want to expand on a little with regards to running out of weed.

    I've been smoking for about 3.5 years straight now. I guess I'm a seasoned toker, but I feel like an apprentice still in a few ways. For this past year my toking schedule has more or less been, get paid, pay for the essentials, rent, all of that first, then get a half bag. Sometimes I run out after a week, usually after about 9 days. I tend to take a medium sized bong hit every 2 to 3 hours most of the time when I smoke. I don't do Js often anymore.

    Well, today is day 1 of 5 for the rest of this week with no bud. I mean, I don't feel horrible, and it's not as bad as wanting a cigarette, but psychologically it can be if you let it get to you and let it ruin your day, mood, connection with others, etc. Sometimes when people run out, their mind sort goes to oh-shit-mode and they overreact and create a lot of unneeded drama and create a personality that appears to be heavily dependant on the bud.

    I find it difficult to translate between whether I feel boredom or whether I just feel like something isn't right when I don't smoke. After 48 hours I'm usually feeling a bit better than the first day, and I know I can do it. I'm just curious how you all deal with fleeting periods of boredom and not feeling quite right without bud.

    I find that a good mood can be self-created, just like we bring several bad moods onto ourselves a lot of the time.

    Often times I'm best off without weed when I'm doing something really creative, or if I'm changing my mind state every few minutes. For instance, typing this will take about 10 minutes, and I know I'll feel feel drained and bored after I type it. It's like, not letting my mind race causes my feelings/viewpoint to hit a hard reset.

    Same with waking up, really. I can go to bed feeling amazing, but when I wake up to the hard reset, it's back to the first inning.

    What kind of mindset do you go to when you don't have weed? I find the hardest part about having no weed for me is the routine, which isn't that hard to get past realistically, but the #1 worst part is this uneasy feeling of boredom, or not feeling right. I feel like something is going to go wrong, and as a result, I can't just relax, I can't get into the zone.

    It just goes to show that weed enhances a few areas of my life that I feel uneasy about when the bud isn't there. This is a problem, but I've always been this way.

    Even knowing I have weed in my mason jar, even if I wasn't going to smoke it tonight, that alone would make me feel real good, however it works. I've gone a few days without smoking, just because I knew I had the bud for when I needed it.

    I really want to understand the psychological effects of just stopping every few weeks, and how to find peace in the every day life without over thinking, over feeling just about everything without weed. Stuck in the weed mindset without weed.
  2. Well I am deff an apprentice still and I don't smoke everyday so it's different but when I don't it isn't too bad. I can easily function and act normal but I admit that I do think about weed a good amount a lot when I can't smoke. I don't let it bother me and I have other outlets so it isn't like I get grumpy or depressed with out it. Instead when I have nothing better to do I come here and amuse myself haha. Just different things to occupy my mind. I will say this though....when I am running low and run out I do feel sad in a way but more in a jokingly sad if that makes sense. More like an awwwww sad instead of fuck my life sad. I can go months without it and feel just like I did before I even started smoking. It would be different if I did it everyday because then it becomes something of my routine. I really enjoy smoking and do plan on doing it for years to come.
  3. I feel this. I definitely enjoy the thought of having bud, and being able to smoke whenever. It just gives you a sense of security, you know?

    Being on probation, and not being able to smoke is pretty shitty, especially when my friends are blazed and I'm just sittin there sober smokin a cig. After a while you get used to it, I guess.

    Depending on weed to have fun and to enjoy life probably isn't a good thing, but that don't keep me from it. :smoke:
  4. If I could afford it and had access to it I will say I would do it A LOT more. Right now I just have other things to do first. But when I am settled and everything is set you bet your ass I will making it more of a weekend thing!
  5. I recently made a thread about this, but I was flipping out. I take like 30 bong rips a day.
  6. Become apathetic...Then it is all just shades of grey.:cool:

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