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Good MMJ buds in Colorado Springs.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by illicithunter, Oct 12, 2014.

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    I live in Pueblo and all the bud here at the dispensaries is old, harsh, and doesn't even get you stoned. I'm going to venture into Colorado Springs and need to find good, smelly, good smoke buds. Where should I go for this? I already went to ACME and strawberry fields and the bud is so old it doesn't smoke good at all. Maybe Denver???
  2. Soco mmj all the way. Prospect and elpaso/filmore

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  3. I know a dispensary owner in Denver and the weed you are smoking is not is dried too quickly and not cured. He told me that they harvest 100 lbs per week and it is on the shelves in 12 days! People wonder why there is still a thriving black market.
    I'd suggest Grow Life. Limited strain selection but the one's they do have are pretty good.
    Do they still have a 1/4 minimum?

  5. Yes they only offer bulk sales. Why would anyone want to buy any less? Quality and quantity. Become a member and get 25$ off a month! Nothing better then getting quarters vacummed sealed in mason jars. Screw plastic containers. Ive got 10 jars lined up with stellar graphic labels for easy selection ;-) not to mention they are the only shop that ALWAYS HAS WAX/SHATTER! All nug run from the best extract artists. I've had everything in the city, and I know who takes care of me just like my doctors.

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