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Good Mids from NEW ENGLAND!!! (Pics)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pbjube3, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. looks like some pretty nice KB
  2. yeah those look pretty legit those are seasonal mids the good kind always pop up in the beginning months of the year. Any chance you live up near pennsylvania maryland or delaware?

  3. swim lives in southern New hampshire

    swim found seeds in this weed so its definatly middies (or male) wat ever u call it.

    its really green doesnt look like shitty mids at all

    swim is very happy with gettin this for free

  4. So your Father, did NOT give you 2.5 grams of some mid grade marijuana???

    You LIED TO US?!?!

    ......Just don't bother with the swim shit man, nobody is being fooled.

    Take your bagseeds, grow your own nugs, then don't worry about relying on daddy for some mids.

  5. Ha I'm in your area and I think I get the same nugs(or have a connect for the same nug). 20/eighth. pretty good bud
  6. I've got the same scale as you

  7. how was swim lying to you? swim told u swim's dad gave swim 2.5g of mid-grade marijuana. that's EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!
  8. thats cool your in NH?

    Its a trusty scale, cost 40$ tho
  9. I actually love when one of my friends has some good mids. It's something different and I can smoke more of it. It's been a good six months or so since I've bought anything, let alone mids. Maybe I'll pick up an ounce or so of some good green mids and use it for joints.

    Believe it or not sometimes smoking nothing but resiny frosty potent bud can get a little boring.
  10. I used to get pretty good mids for parties when I didn't want to break into my personal grow stash. The middies in CT from a good connect of mine were 100$ an ounce. They could've easily been mistaken for beasters and were relatively cheap. :smoking:
  11. *mouth waters*

    I've seen your grows, such a lucky man you are.

  12. it is true tho, if you smoke one strain of bud for a long time smoking a joint of some midgrade weed will give you a differnt high because you body is so used to the good bud, its nice to mix these two together!
  13. im in southern nh to i can get bomb headies around here. nashua area?

  14. im more twards salem
  15. Oh I switch up strains often enough to have variety. I just actually *like* good mids once in awhile. I can smoke a lot of them without becoming useless. Great for outdoor activities especially.
  16. I got some nice mids a few months ago too. 120/OZ Looked a bit like yours, except mine were quite dry. :/ You get what you pay for.

  17. thats where its at!
  18. dude awesome your dad gives you buds :smoking:
  19. hes a good guy

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