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  1. Pretty sure I need to start moving some nodes and starting a good rhythm for her to grow in... gonna see if anyone has any LST techniques they use or what kind of string can you use to tie down the stems with? Just any general info really. Thanks in advance
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  2. I did this plant by topping. Then taped leaf to side of the container for couple days ( it damaged leaf a bit but not to bad) now that it started growing in this shape I just bend each stem/branch down a bit couple times a day. This is my first time just to let you no. 6-23A-2.jpeg

    this is what she looks like before I bend her.
  3. I used to use string. The thicker the better as far as that goes. It takes a lot of work with each plant. Now I sort of fell into easy mode. I grow trees. If you use two rooms where you veg the whole bud cycle you have the luxury of having about 10 weeks+ to work with. I let my plants grow a little straight up then I'll tweak the main stem and start training side branches out to the light. I do a big defoliating about a week before bud. It's sort of blend of supercropping, gentle LST, and topping if I feel like it. It seems to work. The goal is a good root system with an even canopy.

    This is a crystal almost ready for flower.
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  4. Damn ^^^ hell yea that's literally a tree right there haha. Thank you guys, I'll probably post some pics later tonight after work

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