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  1. youngman420
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    posted January 16, 2001 07:24 PM
    I wanta see how many times a post has been viewed like on Cannabis Culture...


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  2. I think I have more then 308 now [​IMG] This site is going to be big I just got that feeling

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  3. Also , welcome to the board wishyouwere...

    hope you will be here for a longer period, and yes the site will be very big, thanx to people like you. Enjoy your stay here!


  4. I want to be a moderator so I can get me free pipe. [​IMG]

    Well, I will look around, find a nice
    cool spot to chill, fire up da bong,
    and see whats up. Looks cool so far.

    Here is a question, what is it I have to
    do exactly to get my free pipe?

    I can contribute my growing skills,
    or share my 25 years of pot smoking
    experiences with all of you. But I
    really need a pipe.

    So send it to 4530-52nd st. n.
    St. Petersburg, fla 33714
    c/o Jeff Peterson

    BuZZard errrr Jeff
  5. i think my post was misread. um i would like to see how many times a thread has been viewed. like a page counter but for every thred. welcome i-wish-i-were-in-amsterdam

  6. yes I read a the bold letter I was just saying that i'm young man 420

  7. oh, well then... [​IMG]

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