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-good- homemades

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phunkyphil, Mar 22, 2003.


Are you a bongsmith?

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  1. okay, so im designing a new bong..

    ive got a pretty decent glass bowl/downstem already, but ive been looking around for bottles/ containers that will look suitably stylish and bongy and i cant really find anything..

    i was thinking like 1-1.5 feet tall, sturdy but workable plastic, preferably clear

    if you guys have designed anything really nice and pimped out, feel free to give me some inspiration
  2. I'm not too good at making stuff. I made my first "pipe" today cause I couldn't find my glass spoon. I made a bowl out of tin foil, and put it on the end of a pen. It was pretty good for a first attempt at making my own.
  3. haha.. yeah, well the whole tinfoil-on-a-pen thing is kind of what im trying to avoid ;)
  4. all right here is my suggestion, a fishtank gravel cleaner. it is pretty much exactly what you are looking for. the only thing is that it won't be shit loads cheaper than just buying an acrylic. it might be a little bit though, check them out the next time you are at walmart and see.
  5. i made a very cool bong last year. it was 2 plastic countainers about a foot tall and 6 inches wide and they were square. i put a bowl on the lid of one lid,put a hose onthe same lid and conect to the oter lid also, and on that lid u put another hose for u to hit out of.then you fill th countainers with water.(make all hose the right lentgh so it works right)it hits awsomely if made right.

    if any one has any cool ideas let me know , i love makin ongs and shit

  6. hey... just so ya know, that's not wise. the heat will melt the plastic in the pen and you'll be inhaling very toxic fumes... also, tin foil is no good either...

    not to down ya or anything... i've made similar pipes in the past... but i was pretty unaware of the harmful affects... anywayz, just thought i'd let ya know to stay away from the evil foil and pens :D
  7. i made a two chamber bong out of two water bottles, connected by a home made purge valve made from the caps. you could screw the chambers together and apart, i never perfected it though, the top chamber would leak into the bottom one when you weren't hitting the bong, very slowly mind you, but it was enough that over time the bottom chamber would get too full and wet your weed.
  8. hey phil... ya could use one of those gatorade bottles with the twist tops... i made a bong from one of those last year. kicked my ass, lol.

    good luck on your quest :D

  9. if you leave it so there's no hole in the purge valve, you can achieve the 2 chamber affect. you'll need a bit of tubing though. poke 2 holes in opposite sides of the top of the bottom chamber. seal 2 rubber hoses to these holes. then place 2 holes just above the water line on the top chamber... take the other ends of the rubber tubes, and stick them so they go beneath the water in the top chamber. seal the holes, and let dry.

    might be hard to change the water in... but i'm sure you'll beable to find a way :D
  10. Hey Phunkyphil...liquor bottles make damn good bongs as long as you have drill bits for glass. I have this one bong I made out of a Porfidio bottle...the glass cactus in the bottom kick ass. I also have made some from other bottles. Liquor bottle come in cool ass shapes.

    Nevermind...I went back and read that you want plastic.
  11. yeah i need something i can cut or burn holes through.. :(

    ..i wonder if i could like stretch out a coke bottle or something over a candle
  12. ok what u want is one of those like 2 foot cups that look like a bong all ready, u get smothys and shit in them
    thay make exalent bongs i had 2 now i only have old checo left
    ill try and get a pic up soon

  13. i have it right, i just don't have the materials to do it. my valve is a true valve that actually would work really well if i had used any sort of sealent at all. it is strictly two bottle caps duct tape and fishing line. it only leaks a drop or so per second, but if you leave it sitting there for a few minutes the lower water level rises too much. i plan on making it work in the future, i still have it and i am going to keep it, it was such a pain in the ass to make. it consists of one cap that has four holes drilled in it, two medium holes directly accross from each other and two tiny holes directly accross from each other perpendicular to the other two. i have a duct tape flap that fits on the inside of the cap that is held in by the fishing line that runs through the tiny holes and tape, everything fits and is tight. all i need to do is seal the holes where the line goes through the tape, i just don't have any glue.

    but hey why didn't i think of this before, i have duct tape!

    off to go improve my bong
  14. Man i can build a bong out of almost anything...great fun while stoned!
  15. here's the bong I made last month....I haven't used it since I bought my acrylic one, but it was fun while it lasted :D

    Attached Files:

  16. i can't really think of anything worthwhile to suggest right now, but as mooglekexin can testify (i hope he agrees) i am a master bongsmith.

    i'll come back once i've got something better to say.
  17. haha

    good job leaving dude..

    that was what, 2 days? :D

    but hey, welcome back

    we should start a bongsmiths' guild
  18. hehe, bongsmith's guild. i like it.

    one of my aspirations is to make a bong from a lightbulb one day... i have the bulb (it's a purple UV one, blown, almost the size of a babies head) i just need a plan... and maybe some better tools fit for the delicate job.

    if u are looking for a chamber for your bong and don't want to look obvious in a hardware store (like i did once, not wise considering how "local" the place is) take a slow stroll down your supermarket isles paying particualr attention to the milkshakes and softdrinks section and look out for interesting shaped, sturdy bottles that you would have the tools to drill/cut to your needs.

    i'm glad i wasn't away for long... this is my home. i hated leaving but felt like it was my only option at the time... still need to talk to crit and see if we both still cool.
  19. Hempress, I've used a turkey baster too! Hell yea, potheads think alike. The turkey baster worked really well, nice big hits. I used a gatorade bottle in conjunction with it, though.

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