Good highdea?(;

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by KushKloudKid, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Take it easy people these are highdeas for humor not for madness dot even bother posting in this thread with negativity nine needed not tryna blow my high dudes!!
  2. No you won't hit it first.
  3. Won't even hit it at all.
  4. THIS hahahah
  5. You guys don't have to didn't ask if you wanted to!
  6. I just feel like smoking with Wiz would suck, he'd burnt out just sitting there. I'd rather chill with Wu-Tang probably do some crazy shit haha
  7. Man people get their panties in a bunch over a Wiz khalifa post lol
  8. It's just annoying because everyone thinks they'll be cool if they listen to wiz and smoke only papers and be all Taylor'd out. Wiz wasn't the first rapper to smoke weed and won't be the last.
  9. I'm saying I had to spark a blunt for this madness bro !
  10. You need to realize people will have differing opinions from you on the forum. You can't shun them away, you're just bringing negativity on yourself by doing that.
  11. I was gonna post this instead but thought it'd just take the thread into a different direction lol Like all the other rap related threads
  12. I'll admit i'm a Wiz Khalifa fan. I listen to his music because it sounds good and feel good to smoke to. Not because I want to be cool, I can see why you'd be mad about it though.
  13. Just tryna keep the peace i get the opinion thing but I don't want snotty opinions on my thread is there anything wiring with that?
    Or Am I Just Stoned-.-
  14. Your Signature should be "Or Am I Just Stoned? -.-" haha but its the internet man, people will always disagree with what you like
  15. Precisely, right from the beginning you got pissy with everyone. You chose the direction of the thread with that.
  16. "Page 4"
  17. I said big smokers Not my favorite rapper I don't even listen to wiz my dude I know he smokes a lot like snoop who I don't listen to. Taylor gang is so old and played out like yolo lol
  18. Thank you!!
  19. What?...
  20. O.N.I.F.C has some good songs on it though lol

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