Good highdea?(;

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  1. So since I started smoking I've always wanted to smoke with my favorite rappers like wiz, lil wayne when he use to, etc.. But I'm thinkin right now... & I thought like thr way I could probs smoke with a big rapper like Wiz is go to their next concerts and buy like an ounce right? Get VIP so you can meet and take pics or whatever and whip that shit out like Ayye bro you you mind if I smoke with you my shots better, is that cool?(; I Mean you think he would accept or is that a dumb highdea ORRRR
    ~Am I Just Stoned?..-.-
  2. You sound 13 years old.
  3. I'm 19 and I do believe I asked for an answer not your opinion go smoke some dude you Fuggin with my high
  4. The fact that you're 19 doesn't have anything todo with the fact that you sound like a child, unfortunately.
    If you want my opinion good luck but it won't happen, you happy now?

  5. I'm sure all your favourite rappers will read this and give you an answer...

    Until then, the only responses you can get are peoples opinions...
  6. -posts on forum, asks others what they think
    -"YO MAN GET OUT OF MY HIGH" when he hears something he doesn't like

    Sorry maaang
  7. No don't fuck with my high not get out of my high that makes no sense.... But ou DIDN have to give a soyche bag answer keep your negativity to yourself sorry people come upp with crazy ideas when their stoned is that an issue? If you don't like my 13 years old question don't bother replying to my shit bro plain and simple where's the humor lighten and light the fuck up
  8. Douche Bag Answer pardon me .
  9. And I'm pretty sure a thirteen year old knows nothing about thc and smoking weed if they do where your from then tough shit i personally would hate to live in that community half these young kids are practicing spelling test and shit not doing and worried about adult highdeas my dude..

  10. try not to impregnate anyone, anytime soon...
  11. if anyone whips out an ounce we smoking that shit
  12. I'm not quite sure how they would feel about a stranger coming in, slapping down a zip, and being asked to smoke. I'd probably feel pretty sketched if I were them.
  13. I mean i'm pretty sure he already smokes up people from VIP so you just have to pay for the VIP section and hope he acknowledges you
  14. Yea that's my plan but instead I'm going to bring a couple grand
  15. who cares? its just another human wtf? i wont ever understand ppl .
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    Try sucking his dick while you're at it

    Disrespect is not tolerated here. Mat369
  17. Its a business
  18. Wouldn't even bother to pay to see a shitty artist like Wiz, let alone let him smoke my tree. I'd rather smoke some dank with someone like Method Man, or Snoop.
  19. I can make plenty of friends with an 0unce(;
    But I figured case if I was a rapper I wouldn't mind but he'd probs see it as another one of his big fans tryna smoke you know I'll even hit that shit first Yoo !!

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