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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by SuperSteezyHigh, May 16, 2011.

  1. Currently I only own a spoon and nothing else, so I figured its time to purchase some smoking equipment. I have 120 set aside right now but I'm bringing that up to 200 to get a bong and grinder. I figured I would get a 4 inch Alex K showerhead downstem, Syn 45 x 5 mm straight black and platinum, and a 2.5in Mendo Mulcher. What do you guys thinks?

    Ps: Does alt charge anything for shipping?
  2. sounds great are you getting a 4 piece MM?
    and yes ALT does charge for shipping.
  3. Awesome dude. I don't know, in my personal experience, if you're really big into your tree. Get something really nice, so then you won't feel like you need to replace it down the road. I got a biohazard glass and I love it, but about 3 days later I'm looking at nicer glass. Been looking at sg and toro's and each day I'm getting closer to dumping all my money into it lol

    ALT charges for shipping

  4. SYN is way better than that china glass Bio shit. and with an Alex K it will rip like a beast. a smooth diffused beast.

    but yes once you get into glass you start looking into other pieces you would want to have. but this setup is a great start.
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. I am getting the Mendo mulcher with kief catcher and I'm also wondering how much shipping costs for a 150 dollar order, because I believe alt does not have the mendo mulcher.
  6. the shipping i would assume wont be cheap since its an awkward size and also since its glass but correct me if im wrong
  7. LOL! I just bought the SYN 45x5mm Black & Platinum, along with a 4" Alex K Showerhead Downstem! I am coming from owning a simple metal pipe, so I am rather excited. Ordered it last Wed with ground shipping, came to $161 shipped to NY... Since that is about as far away from CA as you can get, I'm assuming your order will be about the same, if not a little less (dunno if you live much closer).

    I also ordered a carbon filter from Etsy yesterday, I hope that it comes in the mail on Wednesday too... but it's coming from Oregon so I am doubtful. I hope I have my whole setup by Wed... I am having a few friends over to break it in. :hello:

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