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  1. So I came into some money and im going to get my first glass piece. This is the one im looking at. The weed start tx 2.0 with ice catcher. And I found some othere things I would like to add to my set up. I was wondering if those looked like good picks too. Also should I plug that carb up?

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  2. Dude it would be better to go more with quality like get a smaller one with really thick glass so it lasts you longer. And maybe a better brand.
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    I've never heard anything bad about weed star?

  4. I wouldnt know but I heard theyre crap
  5. Weed-star is fine. They aren't great.

    Earlier there was a lot of poor Qc, but apparently that has changed. The only downside to them is that some of the work might be sloppy.

    Read the "Official weed-star Thread." It's stickied right above here, and will have some information to help your purchase. Or, you could save more money and invest in something that people wont flame you for (it's unfortunate, but true...)
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    I agree. I have never had one but never would buy a cheaper brand glass. I think it's more worth the wait of saving up and getting something that is gonna hit better and last quite a few more years.
  7. I have a delta nine and she is really thick and better quality then lots of bongs for the price. The best bet would be to go to your local head shop and check different pieces out and the quality of them for the price.

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