Good fall date ideas?

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  1. I've been trying to come up with a second date. I was thinking apple picking but the orchard is closed :/
  2. Like picking someone’s apples for them? I’d hate to do work in a date lol. The blazer cup is coming up, as well as a few other 420 events. Some of them have VIP like the blazer cup, it can be pretty expensive but would make an awesome date. Indoor sky diving is another.
  3. Indoor skydiving is expensive and believe it or not I don't know if she likes the ganja :eek:

    Apple picking is mellow af
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  4. I got thousands of apple you can come pick, keep them all ! :love-m3j: Never found it to be mellow. More repetitive. Just never heard of people’s going on a apple picking date, something is take my kid to, grandma, etc.. Don’t know if she doesn’t like ganj? :cautious::mad: No second date needed if the first didn’t involve :weed-4:.
  5. something that interest her? a musam? a park? a sunset walk at the beach?
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  6. Gather a big pile of leaves and jump in it :D
  7. Naked?
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  8. Fall dates - hmmmm.

    Well, first things first - you need the clothes that fit the season.


    JK ;)

    The apple picking is a good idea actually - I've been with my wife and kids a few times and if it's a nice day it can be enjoyable. Believe it or not both of my daughters went with their boyfriends this fall already. The orchards are already closed for the season?

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  9. weed, a bottle of tequla and a room at the finest hotel in the area...
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  10. You don't need a 'good' date if you have personality... Going for a simple walk can be great, it all depends on your chemistry.

    In my travels, when I'm looking for something 'good' to do, I'm really just looking to supplement my lack of chemistry with that person but that takes many years of dating to figure out for yourself.

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  11. Wise
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