Good eyedrops to use for dry eyes

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  1. Whenever I smoke weed, even just a little, my eyes get extremely red. When I use Visine, my eyes get extremely dry to the point where I can't even keep them open. I wear contacts, and those have gotten so dry that they actually fall out and are harden so I can't put them back in. My friend's eyes don't ever even get a little red, so it can get annoying to be the only one with red eyes. Just wondering if anybody has any solutions for this.
  2. Get some Rohtos, there a little more expensive but they basically bleach your eyes clear, they sting a little but feel very great after. That, or put in eye drops before you chief

  3. Agree.
    Eyes get so white it looks photo-shopped.
    Don't get Rhoto Ice though, burns like a mofo. I'd go with Rhoto Cool (green cap bottle).
  4. if you are using regular visine that is why they hurt. you can't use normal visine with contacts you have to have some sort of special saline drops.

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