good enough light for my mothers?

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  1. so this thing is homemade as hell if u cant tell, its 4 t8 bulbs, 3 ballast( 1 is a 2 lamp and the other 2 are 1 lamps) there the 5000 bulbs, ive read that the only diff between t8 and t5 is 11 lumens each bulb, but are they the right color specs. this is for my mother plant remind u.

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  2. anyone lol?
  3. in all reality a plant of that size could be kept alive with 3-4 26w cfl's... or 1 of those 2 lamp t5s... also you are going to want to suspend that fixture somehow, the lamps are not designed to be the means of support for the entire fixture.. so get some jack chain, support it somehow and keep taking clones from her.
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    shes over 30's inches tall 2 of them bulbs would b enough? and there t8's
  5. when keeping a mother alive you dont want enough light to promote vigorous growth, but just enough so she will heal her wounds from taking cuttings and regrow fast enough to replace the greenery that was removed in a decent time... hypothetically speaking, if you're running a 2 chamber perpetual grow, you are only going to need to take cuttings every 10 weeks (2 weeks to root em, 8 to flower them) in the time between cuttings she will have healed and started in on the new growth. most t8-5 lamps are between 32-54w is enough to keep her healthy and alive.
  6. im thinking now 2 bulbs is still to many lol shes still growing

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