Good dog for stoner?

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  1. I'm the classic lazy stoner. I recently had a pit bull. Sweet dog, had to go due to some dominance and aggression issues. I'm looking for another dog. I want something that's just as lazy as me. And just because I'm lazy doesn't mean I won't take the dog out. I'm just not all about 2 hour walks and such. Also has to be a family friendly breed? Suggestions. I would also like to hear about your guys dogs.
  2. Yellow Labradors...they're lazy allright.
  3. Bumpity bump bump
  4. Now don't quote me on this, because all I hear is how energetic a breed is, but my dog is part hound, and she's so relaxed. Sure, she has the boxer/heeler energy when something exciting is going on, but when it's just her and the family, she's so mellow. You may want to look into getting a coon hound possibly. They're freaking adorable with their huge ears and lovely temperaments.
  5. border collie, hands down.
  6. Boxers. They arent all lazy, but they are the reason dogs are called mans best friend. Trust me on this one. They are the perfect stoner dog because they are so mellow and personable.
  7. Yeah I always liked boxers. How are they with kids? I have a 12 year old, an 8 year olds in the house. And a nephew that is 3 and a cousin that is 4 that both come over alot.

  8. They are great with kids, i grew up with them. When i was like 1-7 my parents bred (i think thats spelled right) them so there were like 9 boxers in my house :D. They are so mellow and bond with kids so well. I recommend them to anyone looking for a dog for any reason
  9. heres some pics of my dogs :)
    theyre all awesome with kids and are great companions for sure



  10. That pit is very cute. Question for you, I know pits can be very loving dogs, just gotta be trained right. How did you go about training yours? I'm thinking about getting another pit puppy.
  11. golden retriever, was my first dog. loved it.
    one time he caught a squirel from a tree and pretty much mothered him for a week and he stayed around our house. he was also really good with my cat.

  12. i train all my dogs the same, and ive had pitbulls in my family since i was very little.

    ive never felt like they were any different to train than other dogs, they can be VERY energetic at the strangest times though haha but thats something i love about em...i think no matter what dog you choose, its always best to get one as a puppy.
  13. Since your lazy I reccomend a beagle

    I'd say German Shepherd because they are the best dog all around, smart, loyal, large and powerful but they require training and a firm hand. And they need lots of exercise or they will become aggresive or destructive,
  14. My avatar is my awesome pooch.. White German Shepherd. We are totally L AZY & put little effort into doing any sort of training before we gave up. She didn't need it! I had no idea how smart shepherds were. The white breed is more known for being very mellow. She's full bred tho.. So we had to go breeder route and they aren't cheap. I usually go humane society rt. for our animals but we had small kids.. We also have chickens & she hangs with them. The females seem to be very mild mannered.. Plus she has free range but doesn't leave our property. We did not train that.. I guess the females stay home to protect. There are white shepherd rescues but many of those dogs are not advised for kids... Having abusive pasts.. Etc.
  15. Bulldog. Every bulldog I've ever met has been chill.

    I have an Australian Cattle Dog. They're extremely energetic by nature.
  16. [​IMG]

    boston terrier. like a boxer but much smaller, the kids will love it and it will love the kids
  17. I wouldn't get a boxer op if you're not down for walks

    As far as lazy, get a bull mastiff, then no one will fuck with you and you got a stoner buddy
  18. Yellow lab. Hands down mine is the chillest most lovable dog.
  19. She's amazing

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  20. Newfoundland

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