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Good deal??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TylersmOker101, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I'm picking up 4 grams of blueberry Kush tomorrow. For 40 bucks
    I live on Vancouver island btw is this a good deal??
    Also how many blunts/Joints/Bowls can you fill with 4 grams?
  2. Yeah.

    About 4 decent blunts.

    8 decent bowls.

    6 decent joints.
  3. I would be happy to get 4gs for that much, but I don't know the prices where you lie obviously. 4 blunts, 8 joints, anywhere from 8 to like 20 bowls depending on how you pack it.
  4. Yeah, I'm a first time buyer so I just wanted to know...
    Is blueberry a good strain
  5. anything with kush in its name is a good strain

  6. No? just cause its what your dealer says the strain doesn't mean it is.
  7. Thats a pretty quality deal. I normally get it at the same price as you 10 bucks a gram and 4 grams can get you and some friends pretty god damn high. :smoke:
  8. ^^^^^ shake-zoola I had 2 :)
  9. The guy I get buds off gets it straight from the grower, plus I know people with medical cards. So when my dealer tells me the strain I know its the real deal.
  10. 10$ a gram is great. I usually get BlackBerry Kush 60$ a quarter. Same with OG, white widow, etc. Pretty much any strain for 60$ a quarter in California..

  11. Not technically, there's a LOT of strains that you find that are called kush without them actually being in the hindu kush family. Also, kush has been around so long that it's been bred 1000x over with other strains and therefore a lot of kush has muddled up genetics. Purebred hindu kush though, can be pretty bomb.
  12. On Vancouver Island, yep, that's a good deal if it's actually good stuff. I've known a few people who lived over there and it's not uncommon to see dealers charging 10+ bucks a gram for low-end mids, so if you've got a line on some dank for that price you're ahead of the game.
  13. You guys are over thinking it.... Even if its not "technicly" kush, its still bound too be bomb ass buds..

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