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good deal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pretzable, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. My friend that just recently decided to stop smoking said he would sell me his stash of things for $135 he'll give me 5 grams of supposedly great weed a 50 dollar grinder and a joint roller is this a good deal. i live in dallas tx if that helps. im not an apprentice toker im just new to grinders and things:rolleyes:
  2. 5 grams of great weed would be at most like 80-90 bucks, and in my opinion no grinder is worth 50 dollars. Plus joint rollers are stupid, learn how to roll a joint by yourself. Bad deal in my opinion
  3. any thoughts greatly appreciated guys:smoke::smoke:
  4. uhhhhhhhh not reallyyy but how much does weed go for around there?
  5. 5 grams is like $70, fuck the joint roller and grinder. Hell no.
  6. Nah man I wouldnt do that. I dont know how much you usually pay for bud so I cant tell you. Last time you bought an eighth how much was it? Or how much you pay per gram for equally good weed? Because, I assume your paying somewhere between 15-20, so even if you barely got a discount, an eighth would be no more than 60, which would make that 5g(at street not friend) worth, at most, 65-80. Which would leave 55 for a used grinder and joint roller. Both simple peices you can acquire for under 20, if you want good ones 30. And joint rollers are stupid imo. So dont do it bro
  7. where im at, 5 grams runs me 50 bucks, a 50 buck grinder thats been used and a roller costs like 3 bucks. horrible deal imo
  8. i usually pay like 60 for an 1/8, im gonna try and see if he will bring the price down significantly.
  9. Yeah dude, that means hed have to have spent $65 on the grinder and roller. Which he didnt. Just low ball him with 75, but dont pay more than 90. Like anymore hes making a profit off you.
  10. But if i were you i wouldnt even buy the j roller they may sound cool to you but theyre really stupid. Bought one when i first started toking, sold it a month later.

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