Good day tomorrow...

Discussion in 'General' started by hummercash, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. check this out... today was sooooooooo nice and the next few days are supposed to be just like today, so im planning to pack a backpack full of shit (sketchbook, camera, ipod, food, weed, pipes, etc.) and im gonna walk down the street to this little private beach area my community has on a lake. hopefully nobody will be there. I'll just chill there all day and smoke and relax. heh, maybe ill even see if hte pizza delivery guy will deliver down that road. :)

  2. sounds hot man. have fun. you have something i can only day dream about.
  3. damnit, just checked the weather and its supposed to rain tonight, so i might postpone my little adventure til thursday (only if the ground is still wet, if not, ill still go)... instead ill just smoke in my backyard tmrw ;)

  4. yeah, i know wut u mean......but i like to smoke in the house wit just ya best friend, Bone Thugz playin in the back, and a sack of chron........

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