Good day tomorrow???

Discussion in 'General' started by hummercash, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. i have a very good chance of tomorrow being a great day...

    im going into NYC around 4, will check into my hotel room, then go out to dinner, then go to the Jim Norton Roast @ carolines comedy club where a bunch of semi-famous people will be. im so tempted to smoke before the show, but i really want to remember as much of the night as i can ;p

  2. if i were you id get together a nice spliff for tomorrow and hunt down the most famous stoner there you can find,,,, get that son of a bitch to smoka wit u.... now wont that be a story
  3. dude you have to get either drunk or stoned! I'm going to see Lewis Black(from the Daily Show) at the end of the month with my friends up here at school. We're gonna get drunk and high and take a taxi there, I can't wait!
  4. lewis black might be at the roast since he was a semi-regular on the o&a show. i need more pics w/ famous people to go w/ my pic of me and a stoned looking pam anderson ;)


  5. i've seen lewis perform before, he is so damn funny. Afterwards my girlfreind and i met him after the show, totally kicked ass.
  6. yah, i met lewis before when i was taking pics of in-studio events for the opie&anthony show... i have a nice one of him doing a body shot off a hot chick, if i find it,ill post it ;)

  7. well, im back from the city... i brought some bud w/ me to smoke before the show but i left it in my hotel room (along w/ my camera) thinking id have time to grab it after dinner... turns out there was already a line forming when we got done w/ dinner, so i didn't get a chance to smoke. i had a few drinks tho, didn't get plastered or anything. the show was killer, all the tough crowd regulars plus a bunch of other funny ass people. overall it was a good night. and now i think ill go smoke the weed i never got a chance to smoke last night ;)

  8. Oh well, pity you didn't get to toke yesterday but you do now so it's good.

    I'm a few steps ahead of you if you know what i mean :)

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