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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Fuckin tommrows good friday most people aient got shit to do. Then i got all next week off for spring break at my adult ed.

    Got a 4 gram nug for a skateboard today. Killer ass nug hairy and crystally. Dank.

    Gettin drunk and high tonight.

    Whatcha'll gettin into to? Got time off?
  2. Smoking a g of some hairy light green and purple dro I got then getting my top wisdom teeth pulled out. Hooray for vicodin.
  3. Ya man I got tomorrow off I just finished the rest of my stash til' next week, but ya man gonna skate, and paintball it up most of the day time and party it up the rest of the night:D
  4. well i smoked a bowl of dank, a huge bowl of some mids outta the bong and still have another bowl of dank left.... oh and i had a bowl on my way home.... not alot there o it was an hour buzz....

    right now im fucking baked as hell. i need to eat but im too lazy to wanna do anything... plus im broke so i cant order a pizza... and i think im too caked to drive so no chink. god damnit i want food!
  5. well my weekend should be alright im extremely happy cuz i have good friday off!!!!!

  6. Going to fuck with a hash brownie tonite, and already dunk off of my new concoction: Absolute Rasberry and cranberry juice. Cleans your system and fucks u up. I suggest trying it sometime.

    About my time off, I got a week and a half. I got off yesterday (wednesday) and stay off untill the next monday.

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