Good college degree for a job in medical marijuana

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  1. My dream job is to have a job in the cannabis industry. eventually owning my own dispensary. does anyone know what the best degree is for this? or good steps to take to help me achieve this goal?
  2. botany, business. major in one minor in the other.  im just guessing here
  3. horticulture. 
  4. First off I wouldn't do it alone. Id look for a partnership or something.
    Id study either business/marketing and/or some sort of (plant) science while growing and learning about weed on the side. 
    Your going to need to be creative and innovative and up to date and motivated
  5. major in what will make you money, and minor in what you love. what im going to do is take bio, chem, and a hort class, eventually, and will probably get a degree in something completely different, in a field in which, hopefully, give me an opp for raising capital to invest in a shop.  :hello:
  6. Make sure you do a LOT of research on pot, it's chemistry, it's effects w/out bias (not that that changes much), the whole pot industry, the people involved, and everything.

    "She was living in a single room with three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other two, well the other two were female. God only knows what they were up to in there. And furthermore, Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marihuana cigarettes..... REEFERS"
  7. Just so you know man, not trying to discourage you, but the medical marijuana business is VERY saturated right now. 
    That might be different when you finish your degree, but you should keep that in mind.
  8. Yea, everyone is trying to do it right now.  Not something I would plan to make money doing, more as something you do to enjoy.
  9. That's what I was gonna say. Unless you know a lot of people in the industry already, you're gonna have a hard time getting things going.

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    Yea I would probably major in biology and minor in chem. Youll be able to get a job and if that time ever comes for your dream job, someone will actually hire you. You all forget how much it takes and the risk involved with owning a business. Sometimes it is best to just have someone paying you and if things go under time to move on.
    The irony is that in order to have the intelligence to pass most of those classes, youre probably going to have to stop smoking weed during that time.
  11. You don't need a degree. You need to have money, lots of cold hard cash and connections. It's not what you know that counts it's who you know.
  12. Honest question: is the medical marijuana and/or cannabis employment field really that competitive and full? Or are there just a lot of teenagers and twenty-something stoners who talk a big game about "this is what I want to do?" Because there's a big difference between there being a lot of interest and there being a competitive market with highly qualified people.
    I'm in my final stretch of horticultural and business studies and I don't have any classmates headed toward that route; unsurprising since marijuana is firmly illegal here. I'm honestly curious as to how much competition someone with a relevant degree and competent sense would find over there?
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  14. Be a doctor, duh.  Then just right scripts all day and do "research" haha
  15. everyone who says you'll never make it is a bitch. everybody loves weed and there will always be a want for it so just sell that shit!
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