Good Bulbs?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stonehenge919, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. hey i messed up my lighting by buying a floro N:Vision Daylight bulb. I mis read the package it says 100W but its the equivalent. So it is actually 27 watts=100w. So i am going to get a new light and really need help as to what to get. I was looking at the bulbs on here which bulbs are good? just for one plant
  2. i was looking on the site too. problem is 5000k is the greatest they have in those 105w cfl's.
  3. i have bulbs on the one plant is that bad?
  4. Inside tip on Hydroponics Lighting...

    They're all the same thing. Two HPS of the same wattage are nearly guaranteed to produce the same lumens (assuming they're the same age).

    Often people buy/produce new light boxes, buy industrial lights in bulk, and re-sell.

    Bottom line, some old man is blowing the glass for all these and putting them together in China somewhere; they all come from the same place.
  5. is 5 bulbs producing 9000+ lumens at 100W good? each bulb is 5500 kelvin
  6. are my eyes shot or does that bulb cost 23 dollars?! thats really cheap, much better alternative to mh or hps if your on a budget.

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