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Good Buds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by headbangerkushx, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. How would you guys rate these buds? I haven't smoked it yet, but I just wanted and outside opinion. Smells insane and am told its fire. I spent alot on the half lid, so please let me know. :confused:



  2. nugs look good. hard to tell without a closer look to see and color other than green though. looks tastey
  3. Looks like some very good beasters to me. I'd give it a 7.5/10
  4. looks like some pretty good bud, but a closer picture would help a bit. how much did you say you bought it for?
  5. i'd need to see more detailed pics, but it doesn't look bad
  6. Looking good man
  7. yep, Looking Great.:smoke:
  8. whats a lid and how much does it generally cost?
  9. yeah dude what is a lid..i remember hearing it in Blow i think or some drug movie. its some nice nugget though thats what id get for $10 a gram where im at.
  10. Looks like middies to me, maybe high mids I guess. How do they smell?

  11. Cheech and Chong - Up In Smoke.

    thats where you heard it from
  12. a lid is an ounce

    prices very
  13. Yeah it pretty good...Two hits and I'm straight. I paid $200 for a half O.
  14. Damn son, you got raped on that. Fairly large quantity and you still paid 15/g.
  15. 200 for a halfy of headies isnt bad.....assuming that its headies
  16. Here is the stuff i got. Bought this for $250 for an Once.



    What do you guys think this look like good stuff. It tastes good when smoked and it can smell up a room in no time.


    -AK Ninja
  17. I wouldnt smoke your bud alaska. It looks like you have a serious mold problem.
  18. Im almost sure thoes are the THC crystals doubt thats mold buz it falls off if brushed.

    -AK Ninja
  19. Ew man, don't smoke that shit.
    In no way do those look like normal crystals.

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