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Good brick weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by just1morebowl, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Pretty much everyone I talk to online about weed, they say brick weed is the shittiest thing in the world. Around where I am (Michigan) I get some truly good brick weed that only takes me around 1 or 2 hits to get high. Around 6-10 to get baked. It always nice and green, and gives me a good body and cerebral high just like it's a hybrid. Also I don't get the burnt out feeling most shwagg gives off. Do I either have a really low tolerance or is this just good brick weed? I bought a half ounce of some bricky stuff around a month back that lasted me over a month, and I hardly built up a tolerance to it. Also, I've been smoking an upwards of 2 years, so I'm not new to weed...:smoke:
  2. Yea there's definately some decent pressed bud out there, usually at good prices as well.
  3. I'm with both of you, I get some good pressed leaf around here.

  4. +1 agree!
  5. Iv'e never had brick weed. :(
  6. Very true. I got that half zip for 50 bucks.
  7. Brick weed is shitty in AZ.... Glad I don't have to smoke it.
  8. Brick weed here in Alabama is decent :)
  9. Doesn't sound like TRUE "brick" weed. Brick weed (in my experience) is flat and really dry and dark looking, sometimes brown.

    The only way you can tell it's still technically weed is by looking closely. Not even worth it :hello:
  10. Mine is a dark dark green, and it is flat and dry. And its really good dude... always has been.
  11. Typically brick weed refers to Mexican bullshit. I've gotten good brick weed though. My boy used to have bricked cali dank (nothing mind blowing, but damn good) sent to him. I actually posted a thread about it I'm sure, when I used to post almost daily bulk pickups.

    If Canada shipped bricked commercial grade, like beasters but bricked, it would be decent brick too. I'm sure someone's doing it somewhere.
  12. Michigan has a lot of brown dirt weed lol I know from experience. Took me a while, like a year to find some killer bud for a good price. I pay forty for an eighth of frosty bud :D
  13. I find that to be different in my area. I've litterally never seen brown weed here. I'm in west Michigan though, dunno where you're at.
  14. Its strictly bad brick here. The nugs are jewels we lust after.

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