Good Bong To Get?

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  1. So yea, the 28th is my birthday and I'm going to get a bong with whatever money I get. I'm going to have a budget of around $50-$100.
    Could anybody give me some bongs that would fair well for a group of 3-8 people for around that price? Just give some suggestions or something?

  2. You should probably check your local headshop for that price range. And for that many people maybe acrylic is the best option so it doesn't break. 
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    I had a 14" sheldon black straight tube that I loved. Online they're like 120-130.
    Also google, Brothers with Glass.
  4. Runners thank you but for our group acrylic is not an option. we only want glass. 
  5. Your local head shop should have a bunch of no perc straight tubes for like 80 bucks.
  6. go to "aqua labs tech .com" look it up on google then check brands,  zob glass.   cheap quality glass nice and thick.  Passing a glass bong around 3-8 peps is at best tricky.  Everyone is affected diffrently so go for the thickest cheapest bong you can get.  thats gonna be the most simple design. I just got a 14" beaker bottom og from them, it's 5 mm thick so when one of your homies slips and that thang hits the carpet hopefully it won't smash to a 100 little pieces it's gonna be around 130 w/shipping but it sounds perfect for your use.  Oh yeah... it has ice pinches too. A couple a bucks outa the price range but well worth it. Happy Smoking
  7. Thanks for the insight but i decided something even better :) getting a job and buying a good bong haha!
  8. Buy a $15 acrylic bong and spend the rest on weed. Happy birthday!!
  9. <3
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    This is mine I fucking love it

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