Good bong cleaner, and something to laugh about

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  1. Hey guys wats up! found some good stuff for cleaning your glassware! i found this because i cant seem to find iso in the UK and thought i would try this stuff! it has worked really well for me and is pretty cheap, only like £3.50 for a litre bottle. Its called 'Clean Spirit' and is odourless, non toxic, and non flammable 005.JPG .
    as you can see it worked well for me my glass bowls were all pretty bad, i just filled a sandwich bag with some clean spirit and topped it up with hot water and left to soak
    001.JPG .
    it also worked well on my bongs by just pouring in some clean spirit, topping up with hot water and leaving to soak before shaking and rinsing
    003.JPG .
    Now for the shit part of my story guys... In the proccess of takin my bongs from the kitchen to my room for pictures, i hit one of them on the door handle and it broke hahaha:( RIP babey, you served me well!
    004.JPG .
    But anyway I thought i would share this with the more UK members on GC as ive heard of a few people struggling to find iso! i found this stuff in B&M, it's a pretty big chain so im sure there will be these stores dotted up and down the country. Hope i helped someone out there! peace everybody <3

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  2. Awesome I'm in Canada so I stick with the iso but will keep this stuff in mind for sure.  Seems liked it worked great, add some coarse ground salt or anything similar it rubs against all the tar and help get it off with little effort. 
    But judging by the pics your glass looks new, nice stuff.
  3. it really did the trick man, now i just need to get some bud to dirty them up again hahaha!!
  4. haha aww no bud well at least they will stay clean for a bit.  I don't got any pics my pieces get dirty right away lol.  Maybe I shall do some cleaning today :)
  5. bet you get the dankiest dank at the click of a fingers in canada man!
  6. Well yah sorta but you do gotta watch out bcuz some people sell the shittiest reggie shwagg you have ever had.  But you can always find 'kush' which you can never complain about.
  7. all of the store bought bong cleaners have one problem; they want you to just soak them. what happens left some of that toxic shit on there. 420/710 oil is biodegradable (just like 10000 years) but it still says "harmful or fatal if swallowed". I just dont feel good unless i can wipe it away. anyone know of a natural, non toxic rpoduct
  8. Will it clean my acrylic bong?

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  9. soaking in cascade dish detergent overnight works really good as well, just flakes off the next mornings. I was using that for years and figure if its good for dishes, its good for my piece. Always nice to have some different options.
  10. Nothing cleans acrylic without leaving a nasty resin taste, buy a mothership
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