Good afternoon city

Discussion in 'General' started by PerezPurpp, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. on this nice sunday day :wave:

    whats gooood?

    i just burned some firecrackers cookin right now...

    got some homework...not doin too much today
  2. Good afternoon young mans.

  3. well how old are you old mans
  4. wht up, just chillin burnin as well, bout to eat some fine italian dish, waitin for the nba all star game 2nite, should be dope
  5. about to burn a couple bowls of white rhino throughout the day, getting a gram of k later tonight, cant wait!

  6. hell yeah

    you know what channel it comes on?

    *crosses fingers for HD*:smoke:
  7. its been a shitty sunday for me its been raining since friday and this is bulllshit.

    I hateeee the rain.
  8. Good afternoon.

    Not much going on today besides recovering from a long night of dominating the quarters table. I suppose I should do some homework, but I think I'm just going to relax and burn some plant matter.
  9. whats goin on guys
    got some super nice headies and bubble hash, wish I could roll up a fat blunt and we could all hit it. I bet if all of grasscity met up and had a smoking party we would have such an assortment of dank buds, hash, kif and tight shit!
  10. The weather is nice, I got outta work 'round 2. just kickin' back with some bowls, watchin' lost. anybody got any plans for tonight?

  11. Older than you young mans?:confused:
  12. How dare you steal my thread!


    weathers is good here! Thinking about growing then force flower in march. that would leave me some for 420.

  13. nice im smoking on k right now

    by k i mean kush

    if you meant kief? maybe


    might could be

    ha sorry i didnt see it..i just saw a bunch of weird threads goin on in general so i made this one

    my plans are to just do nothing and chill around the house

    if that counts as plans
  14. Not much,smoking some weed.Going to play Gear's of war on hardcore as I just beat Gears of war 2 on it.I wish Gear's 2 woulda lasted longer I beat it in 12 hour's.I just had bought both and played the second first.I am liking the first one though.

    Have alitte white(.4) and am going to buy some more weed and some roll's or pure Mdma.I like to have a tiny bit of amp with my Mdma,that's why I was thinking of buying the roll's isntead.May go skateboard for an hour or so,I can't long becouse I have something wrong with me and plus my back hurt's like a motherfucker.I got spasms and cramps bad also.

    Yeah,I'm high.
  15. what up mah man. Havent seen you on the boards recently. Hows it goin bro?

    shit dude, last night i was up in frisco (naw didnt go to the rave) i got hella drunk off captain morgan and some brandy shit. smoked a blunt and 2 bowls, then popped 3 pills, a green X, green naked lady and a red it was a good night haha.

    Just woke up, waiting on a buddy for a wake and bake haha.

  16. yeah i been getting a life but surely

    and damn that sounds tight as hell ... i didnt know you did thizzles..

    i cant wait to try um .

    im getting a captain handle later tongiht
  17. yeah man, captain morgan has never done me wrong. I can drink that shit like water.

    I thizz sometimes, i do it the least out of my friends, only once in a blue moon typa thing.
  18. ahh, sweet. you reminded me of my own homework.
    actually feel like doing some now.. hah. :)

    i went to a demolition derby today out of town.. smoked, cruised, chilled.. yup.
    no plans for the rest of the day.

    hope you get plenty stoned. :D
  19. kpind th fukc out, felling amazing right now. need more bong rippppps on this fine sunday aftrenoon.

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