gonna quit for a bit..but im scared!

Discussion in 'General' started by Gamefreak701, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. ok so I've turned into a pretty big pot smoker over the last few months since I've graduated high school.

    im going to college in September so from now until then I just work part time and whenever im not working (sometimes at work) I will always be smoking up.

    a typical day for me can be

    11am - wake up and smoke a bowl
    1pm - jump on my bike (if it's nice out) and just go down the road smoking a joint. I like finding cool spots to hang out and usually smoke another when im done.
    4pm - smoke some more and probably eat allot from munchies.
    8pm - smoke more.
    and another anywhere between 11 and 2 am.

    usually I smoke even more.

    in the last month I've had some issues with my body (not sure if it's due to weed or maybe something else is going on with me).

    I got really depressed for about a week and lost 12lbs. every day I sleep im good until about 9am. then every 30 min I wake up and am boiling. but then I wake up about 30 min later and am in a cold sweat. it goes on until im up and awake. I also tend to throw up alot. I just will get really sick in my stomach sometimes (like in the morning when I clear my throat and whatnot from all the sleeping junk.).

    so that's why im thinking maybe I should try and stop smoking for maybe a week. not sure though..I get really stressed at work and love coming home and just chilling outside smoking a bowl.

    What I want to know is if i will have some withdrawal from it (like depression).and if anyone has some advice.

    sorry for the long post. hopefully someone can give some input.

    Thanks guys.
  2. yo bro i dunno about the throwing up and waking up in cold sweats etc., but im taking a break too , havnt smoked since 4/20 and im gonna see how long i can go. usually when i take breaks i get a little sad and shit and i feel a little weird, but you have to remember weed is only psychologically addicting, not physically. find some other shit to do at the times when youd toke, and stay away from friends toking. good lcuk bro
  3. the end of the day is almost up.

    im thinking maybe it will be better to gradually stop.

    like only smoke a joint a day.
  4. Yeah, no need to stop 100%, just tone it down a little.
  5. any withdrawl symptoms you exp will be purely mental... so just man that shit out if you really want to stop.
  6. haha, alright.

    thanks for the help.

    i had a tiny bowl this morning when I woke up for work (I felt shitty..weed fixed it!).

    now im here after a 8 hour shift wanting to smoke a tiny bowl so bad :(

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