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Gonna make firecrackers in a toaster oven

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by underwate2013, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. ok som im gonna make firecrackers outside, in a toaster oven because i dont have access to a regular oven. i still live with my parents, and they can know i smoke weed. im planning on putting about a gram on each firecracker and im gonna eat 2 and my friend is gonna eat 2. is that enough to fuck us up????

  2. Toaster oven should work fine as long as it can get to the correct temperature. 
    I would however, use half a gram on each. So you guys can get 1g total from 2 firecrackers.
    2 grams each might be too much and may make you sleep or just too strong of a high.
  3. A tip of he hat sir this is genius hope you get sky high and enjoy it man I love this herb!  :smoking: 
  4. Way back when I was younger, I attempted to make firecrackers in the toaster oven.  But the words were in japanese and I didn't know what was what.
    Granted it was way to hot and the firecrackers literally caught on fire and I noticed way to late with smoke already filled in my kitchen.  Twas not a good day lol
  5. Did you get high from the smoke?  :metal:
  6. First time I made firecrackers I used a toatser oven too, but I messed up the recipe so they didn't work. Ever since I got the recipe down I've been using a real oven though, and its INSTANT ANIHILATION lol but yea toaster oven should work fine, just make sure you have the temp set right

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  7. wait till your older.......... 
  8. Just make them at night they don't even smell

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