Gonna do acid for the first time

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  1. I'm in Australia and it is tuesday night. On saturday morning, me and a friend are going to the national botanic gardens where we will sink a quick spliff, then pop some acid. After that, I'm going to a friend's house where we have about 5 grams of some crazy green pot and we'll smoke that, I might have some more acid, and we will play with fireworks.

    Just wondering, do how you guys think I will go? Is there anything I should do or avoid doing to ensure succes???...???...?!?
  2. just stay calm and expect some confusion...it takes about half an hour to start feeling effects roughly...expect to feel the strength of the Gods :hippie:
  3. honestly...unless u take like 10 doses i dont see how its possible to have a shitty acid trip...ur just too fuckin happy to care about anything...and a lot of weed during a trip is necessary...seems to me that you will be fine...just remember tho, always stay positive...and music can save a trip if u start to have a bad one, bt best thin to do is not even think abiut a possibilty of a bad trip...have fun man...ill be dosing later today...cant wait dude
  4. Music and nature are a must.
    Personally I'd wait till night time the stars are beyond anything you'll ever see oh and sunsests are insane. Oh yeah and close your eyes at your peak.
  5. i'm tripping for the first time this afternoon :) my friend's bringing colouring books and shit, and i just got a quarter of the dankest lemony piney smelling shit, any playlist suggestions?
  6. Get ready for the ride of your life.
  7. Shpongle. Listen to them while tripping for a life changing expierence. :smoking::wave:
  8. Precisely!

    +rep to you mate :wave:

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