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  1. Is there anything special that I should take notice of when buying a spoon?
    And what is these fumes that is on the spoons on this site?
    Thank you in advance :)
  2. The hole in the bottom of the bowl should be centered (sounds silly but so many of them arent). The hole should be large enough to get a good hit but small enough to now allow pieces of flower to pull through. If they let you take a draw through the piece, there should be a slight drag but nothing huge.

    This is preference but most people prefer a power hitter on the left side of the piece (when holding it like youd hit it). If you light your lighter with your left hand or hold your piece in your right hand you may want a power hitter on the right.

    Finally look at glass thickness. The thicker and heavier the piece the better it is as it will resist breaking.

    The 'fumed' pieces on this site simply refer to the heady design blown into the pieces. It just looks cool...doesnt serve a purpose. It can also refer to color changing glass but again it doesnt do anything but look cool. Also, while the pieces on the site are decent youd probably be better off buying from a local headshop. For something as standard as a spoon its kinda pointless to pay international shipping (assuming youre in the US).

  3. I am not from the US and I've thought about buying from this site because I simply don't knpw where to buy a spoon at. I'm going to check if I can find any glass blowery stores near me soon though. Also can the glass break from the fire from the lighter?
  4. I just ordered mine off etsy! It is a great site there are hundreds of handblown quality pieces. As for breaking, do you mean like when you heat marbles then put them in water ?
  5. They have some nice bowls with good prices on etsy.com & gogopipes.com

  6. No I meant like if they was overheated and could break but I was tired when i wrote that and now I can see how stupid that question were :)
  7. its ok and def would make a decent piece. but i wouldn't really consider it quality or "heady"

  8. What do you mean by heady? could you give me an example picture of a quality piece?
  9. [​IMG]

    would be considered a heady piece
  10. I just bought a spoon off etsy blown by Anthony Primo (Primo Glass) and it shipped altogether for 30 bucks total. After it arrived I noticed a micro scratch in the glass, took a picture, and the blower without hesitation made a new pipe and shipped it to me for free! Couldn't be happier as the old pipe is still a good toke, just have to be careful not to be clumsy :smoking:
  11. There are a couple things you want to take note of:

    FIRST: Length, nothing under 3 inches.

    SECOND: Bowl hole, not too large, the other guy said something about centered but.. i've never had major issues with that, as long as it's pretty damn remotely close to the center it should be fine..

    THIRD: Thickness/Durability, you either want VERY thick glass or you want glass that has been specially fired for durability. I have a glass piece that LOOKS like it's a little thin, but it was fired in a kiln for like 3 and a half days. thing won't break even if u toss it against a concrete wall and let it bounce on the road.

    FOURTH: Design, just anything that you find visually pleasing.

    FIFTH: A good sized carb, preferrably one you can squeeze a q-tip into. If it's that large, it means you will get good airflow AND it'll be easy to clean. If it's just a little too small for larger q-tips, you can tear a little of the fuzz of the q-tip and it should fit just fine. If the carb is so small that won't even work, you don't want that pipe, it's effectively ruined.

    NOTE: Fumed just means that it is color change glass. Always get glass with SOME kind of fuming, because when the pipe gets dirty it'll turn a different color (typically blue, but if u fork up more money you can get different colors). This color change looks pleasing, rather than having a nasty-ass brown/black residue look when it's dirty.

    That's all you really need to know!
  12. First off op sorry for the hijack

    I just wanted to say very hq post bro! It seems like you know what you are talking about so can I get an opinion on the one I ordered? It is very similar to this Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Hand Blown Pyrex door oLLiEiLL

  13. Ha well thanks man, rep is always appreciated ;)

    Anyways, I've actually seen that etsy page before, and it still seems like a very nice piece. It has beautiful pink floyd art, 4'' length is a perfect length for a spoon, the carb is awesome, personally i love pieces with that ''chimney'' looking carb that sticks out, and just judging by that big ol' carb it seems the glass is quite thick. I can't see the bowl obviously, but it looks like it's of good volume, and with a blower with that kind of skill to make a pipe that pretty, i'm sure he knows how to put a properly sized/placed hole. It's a little on the expensive side but I think you'll enjoy that glass quite a bit. Take good care of it and never leave it on your lap.
  14. I prefer forks. But if you really want a spoon, make sure its simple and clean. Buying decorated spoon pieces is just not viable in my opinion. I figure I can buy a spoon for 10, break it and buy 4 more replacements with the money it takes to buy one decent spoon.

  15. I loveee the art. The second I saw it I knew I wanted it. I would pay 100 if needed for it. Fucking beautiful. DSOTM is one of my fave albums of all time!

  16. Thats some very HQ information for me. Thanks, and also thanks to everyone else who tried to help :)
  17. Just get a plain clear, medium sized glass spoon pipe.
  18. I haved smoked herb for 40+ years and have had many, many pipes. In my opinion the one most important feature of a spoon is for it to have a large inhale hole with a straight stem to allow for easy cleaning. I don't really care what the pipe looks like.

    I clean my spoon at least 1-2, sometimes 3 times daily. With a large inhale hole it is easy to rip a 6" X 1" strip of a bedsheet and stuff it in the hole with a wooden "shishkebob skewer" and it's reemed out in 10 seconds or less. It makes it like you are always smoking in a brand new pipe. I also clean out the inside of the bowl at least every 2-3 bowls to keep the hits tasting clean.

    I used to be a let the pipe get gunked up and then clean it out guy until I figured out how easy, and more importantly, how much more enjoyable it is to smoke out of a clean pipe.

    Happy Smoking
  19. way to much work for me. Plus i like to give it a little character. Who doesn't want to see hard work being done? He puts it work and he likes to show for it.

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