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Gonna be my first time trying!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by svr_2008, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Ok well within a week me and my friends are going to his cottage and one of my friends is bringing hash (not weed, we don't get much MJ around here), and we plan on smoking it and having a fun time.

    There is a problem though. I have NEVER tried weed/hash or even a cigarette in my life. And I mean not even a puff. I'm worried if I'm not gonna get high because I hear that you don't get high your first time. Also I have a lot of questions so I'm just gonna put them in numerical order...please answer :)!

    1. Is it true I might not get high this first time? How can I avoid it?

    2. How many hits should I take to get reasonably high?

    3. What should we smoke out of? I was thinking water bottle bong but how do you make one?

    4. Does hash have the same effects as weed? For example do your eyes go red and do you get the munchies?

    5. Is it possible not to cough? If not how do I 'reduce' the coughing fit?

    6. How long will I stay high?

    7. Does hash smell the same as weed?

    8. What's a fun thing to do after hash...outside? We're probably not gonna go inside his house because his grandma is staying there. Anything fun or funny to do in the woods while high?

    That's about it. Please help, and don't flame me because I'm a noob :eek::smoke:.


    Any questions relating to Marijuana belong in the Apprentice Smokers Forum. Thanks -Trikky
  2. First of all, hash is the most pure form of the substance THC, which is the product in marijuana that gets you high. Good hash, will have shades of brown, and look somewhat clumpy. Hash is much more potent than any marijuana strain, and i'm sure if you smoke enough of it, you will get ripped off of your ass, especially if it's your first time. Normally, hash isn't really smoked on it's own, but it can be smoked through just your regular old bowl with a screen on it. I would recommend to smoke it out of either a Joint or a Blunt, which are the equivalent to a "Marijuana Cigarette". Just remember the number one rule; have fun!
  3. The hash is going to fuck you up then knock you out.\\

    Solar hash hits, btw:
  4. Now I'm kinda scared to :bongin:

    But can someone still answer my questions please ;).
  5. Oh man, if you have never smoked anything hash is gonna wreck you :p
  6. Not true, ever heard of "Budder"? And the most pure form of THC would be pure THC.;)
  7. what way? I don't wanna be too fucked up :eek:.
  8. As long as you inhale properly, youll get plenty high...
  9. By wrecked i mean higher than the Empire State building :D
  10. I hope that's good? I wouldn't wanna like, lose self control and get a tattoo or anything lol.

    so how many hits should I take to get high? One, 2, 4?
  11. why not? yeah if youve never even smoked weed, hash will fuck you up. have fun :eek:

  12. Its hash not alcohol :p

    take as many hits as you feel comfortable taking, 2 large hits or several smaller hits.
  13. 1. Some people report not getting high their first time. I got high my first time. Make sure the setting is chill and you inhale deeply.

    2. Two hits of hash should be good but you don't have to stop there. The first time I smoked, I just hit the pipe whenever my friends passed it to me. I hit it 4 or 5 times. I say just smoke it until you feel something.

    3. If you have $20-$30, go buy a small pipe to smoke out of. It's easier than trying to construct a makeshift pipe/bong. It's possible you'll waste the hash if you don't really know what you're doing.

    4. Hash is pure THC. It will make you feel the same as regular weed but it will be more intense. As long as you're in a cool place with cool people it really doesn't matter how high you get. All that's going to happen is you're going to laugh a lot and think that hash/weed is the coolest thing ever.

    5. If you aren't used to smoke going in your lungs, you will cough. Filtering the smoke through cold water (such as in a bong) lessens the harshness of the hit. If possible, hold in your cough. Once you cough, it will likely start a chain reaction of coughs. To counter this, drink something cold, preferably water. You should stop coughing right away.

    6. It can last from 1-3 hours. My first high lasted about 2.

    7. No.

    8. Find the coolest looking place around and just chill there. Stoned conversations are fun.
  14. Personally if its your first time smoking hash and your worried id just put a small amount in some goooood shisha and mix it all together and throw it in your hookah.One or two hits and you'll be floating my man and all you'll taste is fruits instead of earth lol

  15. This man, he KNOWS.
    Or if your strapped for cash, find an apple :D
  16. Ok Thanks for that. I look forward to getting baked :smoke:.

    Thing is I'm worried my friend might not have any already. He's there with a friend and 3g of hash and every day they go blaze in the woods. Damn, hope there's some for me.
  17. 1. people say they dont get high the first time but if you inhale properly you should get high

    2. Three hits of hash will get you pretty high if you inhale

    3. What those other guys posted

    4. yes

    5. Just about everyone coughs the first time. just drink milk, it cools your throat well

    6. you'll be high for and hour about but you'll feel it for 3 hours

    7. idk,

    8. just about ANything
  18. He said he's never even smoked a cigarette before... how's he supposed to have a hookah ans shisha?? Most people don't even know what shisha is!
  19. Just smoke it dude, plain and simple.

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