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  1. How do we know when we've waited too long to harvest,& what are the effects on the product ?
  2. Well, technicaly the thc starts to breakdown, however, there are other compounds that begin to form at this time and the effects of the stone will start to change. To each his own and therefore to each his stone. So if you enjoy a very heavy CBD stone then by all means harvest past the peak bloom period.:D
  3. I dont want to sound like a total newb... but... what is the difference between a CBD (CDB?) stone and a THC dominate stone?

  4. CBD is incredibly unlikely to ever dominate the THC content..


    more CBD means more of a couchlock stone, less CBD is more of a headbuzz sort of stone.

    Hope that helps :)

  5. it's about ,1/3 cloudy,2/3 amber, but they are just starting to become nice hard nugs with some weight.(1st time grower,Fantaseed blueberry,outdoor organic !).I would love to harvest some when they are cloudy for that heady high, but I don't want to lose out on half the weight.
  6. Trim a few of the stragglers now and then let the bigger buds mature a little longer.
  7. You need about a 30 power microscope. They can be purchased for about 15-20 bucks. If your trichomes are 1/2 white to 1/2 amber to all amber, you are ok. Just keep checking them. I don't know what happens to the looks of the resin when it's to late, but the thc will begin to diminish after a certain point.

    I'm in NE Oregon and have ten plants, some close, maybe a week, some still weeks away. Depends on strain, weather, ferts, etc.

    Good luck with and enjoy your labor.


  8. they seem to be experiencing a weightgaining spurt, as soon as they stop i will cut the tops with 50% amber trics, & let the bottoms mature longer. the bottom trics are still mainly clear.i ended up getting 5x,then 20x, then 60-100x scopes, i like the radio shack 60-100x the best.

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