golf time.

Discussion in 'General' started by aeroblurg, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. Golf is a boring game to watch but to me it is fun to play. And I am happy because the weather has warmed up and I regriped my clubs and went to the driving rage. I was ok with my first performence. Hitting the ball to the fence at the end of the range. I also hit the ball collecter a coupel of times. hee hee hee. Any way, if you never golfed wile stoned. YOU SHOULD!
  2. i finally hit the links. and i sucked! i shot 51 but that was on 8 holes!!!! piff! well im not too mad because that was only the first game of the season. i will get better.
  3. im enjoying the nice weather as well. in the UK, we just got some releif from the rain. its lovely.
  4. Hey ya Aero. It's a shame you run across so many pompous asses on the golf course, because it is probably the ultimate stoner game. Perfect mix of mind and body. I've kinda gave up on it though as finding time to play is getting harder. Got my game down to where I could shoot around 90 everytime.
    That's just on the front nine! Sorry. Old joke. But I realized to improve anymore was going to mean playing at least twice a week, and there was no way a poor boy like me can do that!

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