golf balls

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  1. i play golf and to mark my ball i draw little pictures on them. i draw shit like faces, beer bottles,...umm genatalia...etc. welp ive just about run out of ideas for cool shit so someone give me something!

    i just use a black sharpie so nothing too fancy.
  2. weed leafs and bongs lol
  3. draw little version ofthings that are spherical. Such as the can draw the continents on it. Maybe something like basketballs or can draw the lines from those on the golf balls. You could jsut write fucked up shit or pro-legalization messages (or whatever other message you would liek to convey) on them so that when/if they get lost and are found, the person who finds them gets a nice little personal message.

    That's all I got for now
  4. draw an eye
    imagine an eye falling out of the sky!
  5. I agree with jcmartin86, write meaningful or legalization messages on them so when people find them they read it. Or perhaps, write "FUCK YOU" in big bold letters on the balls. Maybe "(insert your name here)'s Balls", or "Dont touch my balls", "Do you enjoy stealing another mans balls?". Just think stuff that will keep people going. And leave em in some places so people DO see 'em. :)
  6. Just colour them in beige (or any shade of brown) and put a slightly darker nipple on it!

  7. Draw birdies and eagles on them of course! :p
    Give them to some friends to draw on while blazing. I'm sure they'll turn out interesting. :smoke:

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