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Golems Cannabis Break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Golem-146, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Well I have put it off forever. But Offically at 10:00am March 29,2004. I, one Golem-146 am going on a 3-week break. Yes I will miss her soft red hair, and creamy smooth aromy. Well here goes nothin'!
  2. you still have some time before your deadline! enjoy sweet mary jane one last time before you say goodbye for awhile. haha, red hair. like spiderman's mary jane.

    why are you stopping for awhile though? job interview coming up?
  3. Good luck with that Golem. Gotta say, you got more determination than most of us.

    And like he ^^^ said, why the break?
  4. Well my friendlies, I take a break every 3 weeks for 2 weeks but lately I haven't been following my own guidelines but thats ok because I know what I can handle.

    Plus breaks are always good for tolerance, memory, and just getting your system oiled up for the next time :D !
  5. whats with all these people taking "breaks"? what the fuck is the point? taking breaks is gay
  6. The point is that even though herb isn't addicting like other drugs it's not good to be stoned constantly, one must maintain the ability to be sober every now and then. Plus the more herb you smoke within a period the more you have to smoke to get high. Which means that once Golem's off his break he'll get toasted like a kitten in a flamethrower factory.
  7. I take breaks for a month every now and again. It almost feels like my first time again when I start again., but I can make it last longer for the first while.

    P.S. Krazi, where can I find one of these flamethrower factories? :D (Not, for kittens...just want a flamethrower)
  8. i'm on my 3rd week of a break. though through no fault of my own,, hehehe.. i don't mind. it's good to be on track. when i'd smoke weed constantly... well i'd smoke weed constantly! i'd get almost nothing done. it can be addictive, there's no doubt.. i hope my next batch doesn't throw me down the tube.
  9. I like it you will be done with your break 4/19, perfect timing, lol, i suppose you are planning on get really stoned on 4/20

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