Gold or silver mylar to reflect light in grow room?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Virgina Grower, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. What should I use for my grow room? Reflective silver or reflective gold?
  2. What's it matter, dude?

    Get what you want.
  3. Wait Gold,I'd use pure 24k Gold Sheeting on your wall,Any light that were to come off of this would give it super sunlight effects.

    I think silver would be great for veggie stage:D

    I can't wait to grow ):
  4. Have you considered ORCA Grow Film as an alternative to Mylar?

    It appears to reflect more lumins if I understand it right.
  5. I've never seen a indoor grow with gold mylar

    I'd go with the silver
  6. Flat White Paint works great and is easy.
  7. Some just have to throw in the obvious! Yea flat white is wonderful!
  8. IMO, going crazy with reflective surfaces is just a waste of time. Once light gets refracted ONCE, the output is 1/94th the lumens. Mylar is just something else to sell you. Flat white paint is ur answer

    and keep the girls away from the freshly painted room for at least a day. Fumes cause issues.

  9. ^I agree.

    OP, I line my grows for aesthetic reasons more than anything else. If there's a benefit to that, then great. I didn't know they sold gold mylar, but I think it will look cool in my flowering box because my silver-lined veg box is right next to it. I think the contrast between lighting stages is neato.... my $.02
  10. Gold mylar is often sold as "solar blankets" in camping stores like REI or Eastern Mountain sports

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