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Gold Caps

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by hp2skater, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Ok, so me and my friend are getting some Gold Cap shrooms. I've never done shrooms before and want to know what I should expect. I heard Gold Caps are some of the best out there. Any tips on what I should do? and what to expect?

  2. gold caps are just cubes, you should take an eigth if you want to have a full on trip, and it will be an amazing experience you wont forget.:D
  3. haha alright sick bro thanks
  4. Not always.... [​IMG]

    I've had psilocybe semilanceata, aka liberty caps, that made me trip hard off 2.1... but yeah, most likely cubensis... usually caps and aborts contain higher levels of psylocybin... people have said "golden cap" shrooms are better, but I've had brown caps and yellow ones, and they were comparable...
  5. Liberty caps are my favorite of all. You can swallow them little guys without even having to taste the gnarlyness.
  6. I was so happy when I got those mushies...When we weighed it out it was 5.3 of mainly tiny shrooms... we split it 2.1(me)/1.6/1.6 and we all tripped hard, even my 250lb friend.

    it was the greatest trip... the visuals were insane... it wasn't a pleasnt trip, it was one of those trips where when it peaked, it hit you like a huge fucking train... it was a nuts night, and that was just with 2 grams. The next time i tripped I ate an 8th, and it wasn't half the fun time. I'd love to get some of those caliber in the future, but I doubt I'd be able to locate them.
  7. Weird I split 5.3 with my cousin the first time I did shrooms. I thought it was just enough for a great trip, it peaked very nicely, felt great for a while, and came down very mellow and nice. I would like to do an 8th by myself next time though.
  8. Liberty caps are moderately potent. Azurescens and Cyanescens are arguably some of the most potent common mushrooms.



    P. azurenscens 1.78 .38 .35 Stamets and Gartz 1995
    P. bohemica 1.34 .11 .02 Gartz and Muller 1989; Gartz (1994)
    P. semilanceata .98 .02 .36 Gartz 1994
    P. baeocystis .85 .59 .10 Repke et al. 1977; Beug and Bigwood 1982(b)
    P. cyanescens .85 .36 .03 Stijve and Kuyper 1985; Repke et al. 1977
    P. tampanensis .68 .32 n/a Gartz 1994
    P. cubensis .63 .60 .025 Gartz 1994; Stijve and de Meijer 1993
    P. weilii .61 .27 .05
    P. hoogshagenii .60 .10 n/a Heim and Hofmann 1958
    P. stuntzii .36 .12 .02 Beug and Bigwood 1982(b); Repke et al. 1977
    P. cyanofibrillosa .21 .04 n/a Stamets et al. 1980
    P. liniformans .16 n/d .005 Stijve and Kuyper

    Also please not, Psilocin is 10x more potent than psilocybin, and is converted to psilocybin by the human body upon consumption.

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