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Discussion in 'General' started by PoorlyRoldJoint, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. I had the muchies a couple days back really bad, smoked some awesome weed. Anyway, I ordered Domino's and got a pizza and some of their wings. Well, after eating about 3 wings I suddenly started thinking really in depth about what I was eating. I looked at the skin and the bone and cartilage and and my stomach absolutely turned. I couldn't finish what I had in my mouth. I actually had to spit it up. They tasted good but out of nowhere that thought came up to me. I thought about the chicken thigh and wings and how nasty chickens are raised and slaughtered. Thats really never been something I have thought about before, and I was completely grossed out. I think veganism is something I am seriously going to comtemplate. Or maybe just not chicken? Cuz beef still sounds good, but the thought of chicken makes my stomach flip now. :confused:
  2. I was a vegan my whole life until i was 13, its the most healthy decision you could make... I would suggest you try vegetarianism first though, just to get your feet wet.

  3. That's sound advice. I was a vegetarian for a few years, went vegan from there a few times. I eat meat now, but only one or two times a week tops.
  4. think of the animals! if everyone became vegans then those animals would become extict in a matter of years....unless you are willing to pay to see a cow at the zoo. :)
  5. sucks for you guys. you cant celebrate "Steak and a BJ" day (aka Valentines Day).

    I love red meat, sorry.
  6. Talk about attempting genocide.
  7. I don't think you really know what being a vegan means. You can't consume any meat or any animal-by products...that means honey, dairy, eggs, etc.

    My parents are both vegetarians, and I am one as well. However, they would cook meat and stuff for me when I was younger. Real chill people.

    And a big fuck off to the insulting people out there....no need for this type of intolerance. I don't have a problem with you eating meat...don't give me shit for not eating it. It's MY DECISION.
  8. ^ Chill the fuck out nobody insulted anyone.

    Pass me the prime sirloin steak please. With some A1 sauce.

    And now I'm in heaven :D
  9. I'm total carnivore....I eat it all.
  10. I know what it means. Im just curious as to why this is suddenly becoming an issue to me. Ive never even considered it before but all of a sudden I am repulsed by the thought of eating chicken. Maybe its a symptom that my body would prefer to go without it. If thats the case then maybe its something I should really consider doing. Im simply looking for some insight and sharing my experience because it was a weird reallization that I came to.
  11. Ah dude, i had a sirloin tip today, rare of course, god it was good.
  12. i love eating rare and letting the blood soak into my chin.
  13. i want a steak so bad now, and ribs, and pork butt, shoulder, buffalo burgers mmmmmmm
  14. Yeah. Chicken is pretty much the nastiest meat. I can see you getting sick if you're overthinking it while eating it. I worked on a chicken farm. Its sick shit the way they bring them up and slaughter them. I dont eat chicken ever since then. But I love beef!
  15. As expected, your emotion is based on emotion, instead of ration. Best of luck, more meat for me.
  16. I've been Veg for a month or so now just to see if I can do it (and to try and avoid the fresh 15).

    It's pretty cool. I was already sketched out about bad meat and no one gives me shit about it because I'm not preachy at all.

    It's kind of fun. And I have an excuse to avoid fast food.
  17. Mmm, meat. I couldnt imagine living without meat.. The way I see it, animals are inferior to us, and theyre here for us to eat.
  18. I've been a vegetarian for almost two years now. Honestly, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. It wasn't just for animal rights reasons (even though that was the main thing), I felt better physically after I stopped eating meat. Like someone else said though, you should probably try vegetarianism before you go full out vegan. It's a huge step to even stop eating chicken so, be prepared. Good luck. :)
  19. I'm sorry but I'm in love with meat. Chicken, Beef, Pork, all of it. It's just so fucking good and juicy and theres so many different ways to prepare it.[​IMG]
  20. To be dead honest. I can't stomach any vegetables at all. They immediately come back up. I eat meat, potato, pasta, fruit. I take mad vitamins though to make up for it :|

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