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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Special Ed, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. hi all, im going to walmart sometime this week to pick up some flouros and potting soil.

    ok heres the deal, im starting off my plants inside and moving them outside. so which soil should i use (ex. 10-10-10, 5-10-10, etc.) also should i pick up anything else i might need(ferts, etc.)? i alread got the seeds germinated and planted, and i have 1 sprouting up. just want to do this right, not growing anything special just some really good bagseed

    also what should the temp be for outdoor growing(* F)(ex. 35-85)? im not growing many plants so i can bring them inside at night if i need to. also when it rains alot should i cover my plants or something?
  2. what ratio should i get (ex. 10-10-10, 10-5-5, etc.)
  3. my recomendation is to get the highest equal ratio there is but if that is not available at wal-mart like when i went there, then buy 3 different ones with one high first # one high second # and one high third # adn put em all in but otherwise highest equal balance

    if that didnt make any sense at all, srry im a stoner:smoking:
  4. if u can buy a fertilizer higher than 10-10-10 and there all pretty close together then get it otherwise get one high in nitrogen (first #) which is suppose to speed up the whole flowering process
  5. i might go to lowes instead, just looked up their flouros online $7.98 for the one i need
  6. nice, home depot also has some dope shit
  7. ...also, i figured id add this to my already started thread instead of making another one.

    ok i live with my grandparents, they arent too slick when it comes to stuff...i drink, smoke in my room(just use dryer sheets in paper towel tube). they dont know what pot looks or smells like. so i decided i would grow(we have like 10 acres) so i started everything. right now i am growing my plants in the garage until they get a few inches tall then i will move them outside at my secret grow spot.

    ok so im moving out into an apartment within the next couple of months (not sure if ill have a roomie or not, but i doubt i will, just gonna get a 1 br apartment. should i leave my plants outdoors at my grandparents house and finish growing outdoors, or should i move them to my apartment(when i get one) and grow them there? also will the lighting schedule be messed up if i went from outdoor growing to indoors?
  8. Dont use Miracle Grow. Use Tomato Ferts if anything. Tomatoes and Marijuana have very similar nute needs.

    Here's why you shouldnt touch Miracle Grow

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