Going to visit Denver, tips?

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  1. We're planning on driving to Denver for a couple of days in October. My long-term goal is to move there, or in the area next year. We're scouting the area and seeing if it's something we want to do. Obviously, I want to work for an established company and work my way to growing.
    I'm booking a tour with my420 tours. Are there any places where I should also check out? Any recommendations on networking with folks in the industry? Should I bother with a resume?
    (I know I need to be a resident for a year before I can apply for a key/support permit)
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    It never hurts to talk with people. Develop interactions that don't particularly focus on you wanting to grow. There are thousands of people who have come here with your exact plan. If you want to make an impression then find a way to make yourself stand out from the same old "I want to grow cannabis" storyline they hear over and over. Unless you have experience in large scale agriculture, or some other impressive background, a resume wont likely do much good. You do not have to be a resident for any certain period of time in order to get a support badge. As soon as you get your Colorado drivers license you can apply as long as you meet the other requirements. A support badge will allow you to work as a bud tender, trimmer, or grow assistant. I got mine within two months of moving to the state. If you have no experience then plan on just starting in a support position anyway.
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  3. Thanks for the input! Yeah I kinda figured they get lots of folks asking this stuff. I'm realistic about it though, I don't expect to wow anyone with my minimal experience XD I just want a foot in the door:biggrin:
    Coming from a prohibition state, it's going to be overwhelming! Is there any particular places I should also check out?
  4. It is nice relocating to somewhere that you arent considered a criminal. I grew my own before moving here so the ample supply wasnt too much of a shock. It is fun trying all the stuff that is less common in prohibition states like edibles and concentrates.

    What do you mean by places to check out? If you are talking about dispensaries around Denver then I couldnt recomend any personally. I live about two hours south. I have heard River Rock and Livwell mentioned as being good shops by several people. In Denver there are many more choices than in my area. Just check weedmaps and go for stores in the middle to upper price ranges. I tend to avoid the cheaper places if I can afford to do so just because I have found that quality, while still better than some stuff I have had, isnt exactly the best our state has to offer.

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