Going to Vegas..

Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Yeah, So tommorrow morning I'll be in Las Vegas... Yea! dunno why, but I timed my last bag to run out on my last day, but tonight I ended up buying another eighth.. So Here I am smoking this away before I leave... what a chore!! lol... :smoke: I'm taking my laptop, which has wireless connection, but I don't know if I can connect anywhere... If I do, I wanna drop by here ;)
  2. Have fun and try and make it like Fear and Loathing, you'll have to arm yourself to the teeth with all sorts of mind bending drugs.
  3. If you read this well you are there, try and find some Blue Man Group tickets and then get really really really baked before the show, then you can thank me when you get back :D

    When I went, it was so incrediably f*cked up that I was gonna go smoke during intermission, even though I was with my parents..... it was so cool that I felt I was missing something if I wasn't baked during it
  4. dont waste all your money gambling
  5. So I couldn't visit here while I was in Vegas.. Just got in about an hour ago, and immediatly packed a bowl ;) I didn't take any bud the few days I was gone...Verrry baked..lol..
    The Results Are As Follows: Ahem..

    $50.00 ahead from what I brought..

    After paying for my half of the room and car rental.. And my airfair!! Yeah, it was sweet... I got a jackpot on an old slot machine of $1000.00. :)
  6. Awesome man. My buddy wants me to go with him to Soaring Eagle here in Michigan, but I just don't like the thought of gambling with my money. If I lose it's just like throwing it out the window. And that's money that could go towards pot, ya know? But maybe I'll strike it rich and get some more money to buy pot...... or I'll go broke..... ya...... But anyways, congrats on the jackpot!!
  7. Lol 12inchbong, I go to that same casino every couple months. ;)

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