Going to trip on DXM tonight!! -LIVE JOURNAL-

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  1. Hey guys im 20 years old, about 5'9'' and 135 LBS i have tripped on dxm 3 times prior to tonight, and i have used it through out my whole life as the recommended use as a cough suppressent. I have some what of a tolerance to it. I bought Zicam Cough MAX Cough Spray, its a little half oz shot of through spray that is pure dxm. no other active ingredients are included making it pure form of dxm and is truley the safest way to trip with dxm. I am going to drink 2 bottles of it, there is a total of 16.3 mL of fluid in each container making it 32.6 mL total. There is 6mg of dxm for every .25 mL 32.6/.25=130.4 130.4 x 6 mg dxm = 782.4 mg of dxm. with my body weight i should reach 4th pleautau, with out a doubt i will be on the 3rd for some time, i plan on listning to my ipod the whole trip and updateing this Thread as often as possible. My typing is going to get worse the deeper i get into the trip, i also have 7.5mg Vicodion here and about .8g of good weed. i will be using those as well during the trip. I have to go take a shit, then im going to report back. thanks for reading and keep checking in for updates i want this to be as fun for you as it is with me!

  2. Looking forward to reading about your trip.

    Im craving some hydro like a mofo.
  3. Good luck:D I am thinking about trying the zicam route to a dxm trip soon.How much does a bottle cost? Anyway happy tripping!
  4. i think its 8-10$ a bottle i never pay for the stuf tho :rolleyes:

    i think imma take it at 10 30 pm est

    ive been smokin weed and took half the hydrocodone
  5. Zicam Max is more intense then other syrups. It will hit you harder. I won't be surprised if you black out. We'll see how long you last on here. Good luck.
  6. I wouldn't necessarily take the vicodin with the DXM...but from personal experience...smoking a bowl or two on DXM is great
  7. I'm excited to read this tomorrow


  8. i did this same amount Thursday night and i blacked out, i had about .5 mg of klonopins in my system and about 10 mg of vicodin

    i just take a zofran (anti - nasuea) after the dxm it def helps, so does the weed!
  9. Dissociatives are generally mutually exclusive with "live journals" lol.
  10. ah man that shit is harsh, its got methol in it ( i assume to numb ur throat) its really nasty ggoin down like a shot of flavord liquor man its gross, but i got it down no prolem i am drinking water constantly because dxm dehydrates me

  11. haha true, no ones with me so i gotta talk to the community!
  12. Any updates?

  13. well lets see its been 32 mintues since injestion, i drank water, smoked a bowl or 2, ate a zofran like i said i would i think it was 8 mg, i feel very light headed, and tingly (usaly how it starts) music is a nice constant flow in the back round, its def key when trippin on dxm, will report soon, i feel like its going to come on strong!
  14. If you make it to 3rd or 4th plateau I doubt you'll be on here typing, and if you are then you never made it to the 3rd or 4th :D

    Just kick back and enjoy it. Good vibes
  15. its coming on real strong, i got a fat bowl pack, a bottle of water, and a ipod full of good music so im gunna lay down and feel the "expereince" ill try to post back soon!
  16. happy tripping bro

    best song while tripping

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlMgWBbttuw"]YouTube - My Wild Love[/ame]
  17. How's it going? Are your strawberries bluer or riper than your ruffles? Or is the pencil smirking at you to the left? Not only this but you need to call your mom immediately for informational packets about boomshakalaka. I leave you with some water and a couple snacks so you and your friend Benny can enjoy the rest of the morning on this ship. Good luck and don't look at the monster who is about to eat you. He's right behind you.;)
  18. lol good thing DXM is nothing like this :smoking:
  19. music sounds sick i havea suprisded lkook on my face, typing is hard and i have good typing skills, im probly gunna lay down and listent ot music im walkin li,me a zombnie or a robot

  20. Alright, hows the peanut butter taste? And by the way I love your striped socks, I have some in my dishwasher right now, and soon I will put my car in the refridgerator. Good luck Freddy. By the way, did you hear about the outbreak of zombies in Ecuador? Better be careful, cause soon it will spread. Keep your door locked buddy.

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