Going To The Strip Club For The First Time Tomorrow, What To Expect?

Discussion in 'General' started by Revrend Toke, May 18, 2014.

  1. bring $2 bills.. ive always wanted to use $2's at a titty bar. 
    dont let them rub tits in your face. most of those women wear body glitter. you dont want tit glitter in your eye.
    and dont get super hammered. you want to leave with some money.
    and i second the no food policy... you came for the naked women, not the nachos.

  2. thats even something the dude would say 
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    When I turned 18 my brother in law took me to a strip club. I wasnt sure how the tipping worked, when i was sitting up front at the stage this stripper danced for the dude sitting next to me and when he tipped her i thought i was supposed to too so i like reached across and threw a dollar, it just seemed awkward for a second lol. But the stripper thought it was funny/cute.

    Then another stripper pulled me so close to her vag if she'd moved much more my face woulda been all in it. I could feel its moistness on my stache.

    And i got a private dance from the only black stripper there (i was only really attracted to black women at the time) which was very fun. Even though we arent supposed to touch she was grabbin my hands and puttin them all over her tits and ass and puttin her tits in my mouth. It was awesome.

    We even talked for a while afterwards, i believe i coulda smashed lol but who knows.

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  4. thats their job bro. 
  5. I realize that, thats why i said "but who knows" cause its likely she was just trying to get me to do more. But she actually said she was down to meet me after she got off and other stuff. Though she coulda wanted some money for whatever may have went down after too lol.

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  6. Don't let the strippers rob you. I got 40 bucks taken from me during a lap dance once. I was pretty fucked up though.
  7. Expect hella titties amd pussy in your face.

    I wouldnt order the food.

    I would only pay for a lap dance nothing else. Unless you're ballin and got $100 + to blow for a vip room.

    Just throw some singles at the strippers while they dance in front of you, its not too complicated

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  8. Make em work hard for your dollarz ;)
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    Don't be rude or mean to the girls. They get a lot of shit already, and there's no reason for you to add to it.

    Tip for individual dances and stuff. Bring cash to tip with.

    Know the back room is a bit of a scam. Unless the place is really shady, the girls won't have sex or suck dick in there, so getting in there is mostly a BS status goal--BS because anyone gets in there with enough money and it costs lots of money.
  10. next time i go to a strip club, i must remember to do this! 
  11. Man, the last time i went to a strip club was Magic City in ATL... Now THAT was crazy and fun as hell (though i didnt get a private dance and feel on ass and tits lol)

    I woulda had even more fun if i wasnt broke when i went lol. But still had fun cause a close friend who was with us is kind of a "twitter celeb" and was friends with some of the most popular strippers.

    One of them just walked up to me and was like "im not sure why, but the owner told me to give you a free dance. You dont have to tip but you can if you want"

    I said "i only have one question"

    Her: "yes?"

    Me: "can i smack that ass?"

    Her: "sure just not too hard"

    Me: *immediately smacks booty and watches it jiggle*

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  12. i wouldnt fuck a strip club girl. but i would feel her up.
    i remember my first time. i smoked a couple joints and got some quick burgers from BK. then went to the club to meet my friends. i can manage liquor more with a couple grease ball burgers in me first.
    i kinda got played though... my friend bought me a dance because it was my first time. i ended up buying this skank like 5 shots of tequila. went home with some aching balls. my sack was dark red. still had to jerk to internet porn.
  13. Aw not anymore?
  14. Oh i most definitely still am lol, that was just pretty much all i messed with or dated, now im a lot more open to all shades of beautiful :-D

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  15. I wanna go to a Monday show at 2pm in like.. Iowa.

    Shit would get real.
  16. I like this thread :laughing:

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