Going To The Strip Club For The First Time Tomorrow, What To Expect?

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  1. Hey folks Im 22 and I think its about time I went to the strip club. Specifically the pink pony in Atlanta, Im goin with a friend who's a regular. I hear it can get expensive so what services are worth paying for and which should I avoid? What's proper strip club etiquette? How to the girls treat first timers in the club? Should I order the food?
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    Wish I could help you out.I believe it varies greatly from club to club.
    I went once when I turned 18, and it was pretty fun, but expensive. Naturally I did not know how to do anything there. It must have been hilarious for other people to see. Luckily it wasn't that crowded though. I walked in, sat right down at the stage and put a few singles down. The song ended about 10 seconds later, so that was a complete waste.
    I didn't know you were supposed to tip, so I didn't throughout the whole night. I got a floor dance for 10 bucks that was really hot. She was whispering in my ear and stuff. Then, the girl that was on stage, who was smoking hot, came and asked if I wanted a private dance. I did. It was 50 bucks for like 20 minutes. She did not get naked though, probably because I was a fat slob. However, I did get to touch her tits and ass constantly. I walked back to the main room, and probably because I didn't tip, they sent the new girl over who it was like her 3rd night. It was so dark, I couldn't tell if she was black or hispanic, but she was cute and chubby. We talked for a little bit and she was really cool. Got a private dance from her, and jizzed on her ass through my shorts partway through. She never said anything but I felt so dirty. Not for going to a strip club, but because I just jizzed on some random girls ass that just became a stripper, and probably ruined her night.
    I did the walk of shame, got in my car, and have never been back to one.
  3. bring lots of dough, find a stripper you like (or wait for one to approach you) and let the magic begin. Don't order the food, get a beer or two at most and do a personal lapdance if you got the cash
  4. Expect polite, fully dressed and well mannered women that are at the peak of their financial lives

    haha honestly just get tipsy, get some $$$ & have great time
  5. There isn't one in my city :p. I don't plan on going to one though, I don't like to pay for things like that.
  6. Expect to see nude women.
  7. I gotta be drunk. If im sober, its awkward and if im high its awkward lol. Gotta be drunk.

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  8. Scrambled eggs between the legs
  9. Go buy yourself some silk underwear and get a lap dance.
  10. Heard of that club but never been to one myself.
  11. I dunno how to tell you this bro but you need to be prepared......... you're gonna see LOTS of boobs  :ey: 
    Look, honestly, in the way of tipping, you'll just know what to do. It's instinct, it's in your blood to know what that chick is worth..
    If you're a dude looking to do some flirting you should put the charm on and say to the girls working behind the bar "oh this is my first time i don't know what to do, how do we tip" blah blah blah that could work in your favour too lol, females eat that sort of innocent charm up.
    I'm a girl, the only thing that surprised me was how hot it was in there lol. Have fun!!
  12. Hookers are better.
  13. going to a strip club.. you should probably prepare to see naked women.
  14. Never been to one, but if I ever do, I'm going to visit one in a part of the country where they're commonly called a "titty bar".
  15. Hit an ATM before you go there. They usually have outrageous service fees. Have fun but don't expect it to be the greatest night of your life like portrayed in movies. Try to get a table with a good view of the stage, pay for a lap dance, and make a couple trips to the stage to spend some singles for the girls you like. If you sit at the stage, you'll blow your money fast or look like a dick not tipping. Some
    clubs don't allow much touching, know the rules.
  16. Heres a story my friend told me happened to his brother. He was pretty drunk getting a lap dance and she said shed blow him for 200 and he stupidly said yes then when he was about to finish she said if you wana finish its another 200 so hes like wtf bitch no way get out of here and made a big deal and he got thrown out. Just watch out for that shit they might act nice but there doin it for the cash
  17. Less expensive too.

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  18. Save more money to throw on hoes by drinking a 30 pack of beer with your friends in the parking lot before you go in.
  19. Expect to see balls out

    Fuck yo presents!
  20. hope that they have a pool table, and just shoot pool all night and think of how boss it is to shoot pool in a strip club not even paying attention to the girls. 

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