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going to the moon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phunkyphil, Nov 12, 2002.


intergalactic travel

  1. yeah man definitely

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  2. for sure

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  3. just give me the marijuana!!!!!

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  4. too ripped to move- the only way to go

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  1. man theres nothing better on a rainy night than just lighting a spliff and chilling on grasscity..

    dude, im in hyperspace.. strong sativas in the dark..

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  2. it's raining here too... was raining yesterday as well. yesterday was cool though... pleanty of herb to go around :)
  3. its very windy here.....Taku Winds....My mom calls em the Take U winds....Takes U ass right off the road!

    but so far no rain or's 37 degrees....brrrr......

    as far as intergalactic travel, sure, why not?

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  4. my head is so far from me I think sometimes its already there...but Im up for some intergalctic travel anyday. pack the biskets im in!
  5. I got me an Easy Bake Oven Sensi...biskits anytime!
  6. that is so sweet.
    have you seen the simpson episode where homer has an Easy Bake Oven in the front seat of his car? hysterical. he knows whats going on.
  7. Missed that one, but I've seen the Simpsons a lot so I can *imagine*!

    ya kow the Easy Bake Oven pop tarts are pretty tasty....
  8. mmm... easy bake

    its like two jokes in one!!

    well no, really just one joke

  9. this seems did you mean to post this here? lol..well anywayssouthpark is on comedy central...! and kenny is dead! dead for good! lol unless your catching the reruns? and the new southpark was on last night, on comedy central!! lmao. im confused!
  10. i dont think my mind has been inside my head for quite some time.
  11. i dont think my mind has been inside my head for quite some time. too many pan galactic gargle blasters.

    grrrr..i messededed up.
  12. word up man, i smoked the best dro of my life and gonna smoke more later. peesh
  13. my, my, my, I'm high too. Isn't that strange....

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